5 Places in The World That Every Student Should Visit

Student world travel should form part of an enriching education. Traveling around Europe and the rest of the globe provides students with a different perspective of the world. 


New cultures offer students a view of how other countries have developed, and how their traditions, languages and architecture have formed over time. The vast array of wealth contained in trips to different parts of the world broadens knowledge and can also add to building new valuable networks. So, instead of pulling yet another all-nighter that will drain your energy, quit it! Delegate the tasks to professionals from EssayPro and book your ticket ASAP. Where to? This article will provide some suggestions.

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Travel to London, U.K.

Main cities like London contain a wealth of history to enrich your education. Historical sites, museums, and the contemporary lifestyles of London’s people. Eclectic and modern nightclubs offer the excitement that most students look for when traveling around the world.

Added to the many places to visit is the fact that English is frequently a shared language, making it easier to navigate the city or country. Take a trip to the famous Portobello market for gifts to send home to family, visit Buckingham Palace, or revel in the cosmopolitan cuisines pitted around Brick Lane for a taste experience to stimulate the taste buds.

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Visit Split in Croatia

Europe travel for students should encompass a trip to the less traditional parts of the continent to visit, such as Split in Croatia. Not frequently on travel plans, Split is like a rainbow of colors and experiences for the adventurous student. Straddled between the old world and the new, the city is an eclectic mix of the ancient, complemented by the modern.

The atmosphere in Split is exhilarating, and you can also visit Hvar, which is the party capital adjoining the city. Take a journey into the past by visiting Diocletian’s Palace in between attending parties that host up to 20,000 people, or simply enjoy a day at the beautiful coastline.

Escape to Barcelona in Spain

From the familiar Western world to the mysterious east, explore further by traveling to Barcelona, Spain. Here, the architecture alone is awe-inspiring, giving visitors a glimpse into this fascinating country’s illustrious past.

Enriching the tapestry of Barcelona further is the opportunity to enjoy the beaches along the Catalan coast, which lend themselves to long, lazy days.

Costa Brava can be conveniently reached by bus, the metro rail or by a long walk, depending on your accommodations. Prices are relatively affordable in and around the city, so participate in beach trips, nightclubs, and mouth-watering foods. Remember to expand your student network while traveling. You never know when the opportunity may arise to work in another city.

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 Expand your horizons to Marrakech in Morocco

Why stick to the familiar European destinations, when you can travel even further abroad? The French and African historical mixture contains delicious spicy cuisines, and mind-blowingly beautiful architecture not seen on the European continent.

Color and variety are everywhere in this magnificent city. Interesting markets abound for students to explore, with aromas that are totally foreign but intriguing. Enjoy local Tajines that will get your eyes watering from the hot spices, or the Jemaa el-Fnaa center of trade, and get lost in the richness of local souks.

 Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town is known to be one of the most beautiful cities in the world. Located between the cold Atlantic Ocean and bordered by the stunning Table Mountain, the city contains a myriad of wonders to explore. Visit the colorful District Six for a little Malaysian history and cuisine, or take a boat trip to Robben Island where the famous Nelson Mandela was imprisoned.

Enjoy the exciting modern night clubs, and visit the more traditional restaurants found in the city. Fisherman’s Wharf, the nearby Simon’s Town, trips up Table Mountain, or a visit to Castle of Good Hope are just some of the many sites that student visitors can explore. When tired of the city, travel to nearby winelands for local wines, and five-star restaurant cuisines.


Formal learning is not the only way for students to expand their knowledge of the world and its peoples. Travelling enhances life experiences by introducing you to new cultures, traditions, and languages. Exploring your world is the most exciting way to grow on a personal level, which is an enriching counterbalance to formal studies. Treat yourself to global travel whenever the opportunity presents itself.

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