Connect with New Narva Reds


A range of new red coloured, heavy duty battery connectors is now available from  Narva, providing users with a clear visual difference from existing grey units and  eliminating the risk of incorrect connection.

The simple colour differentiation  ensures easy matching while the red connectors are also keyed differently to  the grey units, so red will only connect with the same colour.

Given the increasing use  of aftermarket accessories in recreational and commercial vehicles, engine bays  and under dashboard areas are often cluttered with additional wiring – the new  red heavy duty battery connectors are a simple yet effective means of managing  this.

Developed following  market feedback and requests, the new heavy duty connectors are constructed  from impact-resistant polycarbonate housings and feature silver-plated, solid  copper terminals.  As well as providing  outstanding conductivity, the connectors will reliably perform in temperature  extremes ranging from -20° to 105° C.

Available in 50A (57200R)  and 175A (57215R), the new red connectors complement Narva’s existing range of  connectors and are also fully compatible with the current associated  accessories including handle kits, rubber covers and hard plastic covers.

The new red connectors  can be purchased from  leading automotive, transport and four wheel drive outlets nation-wide at  recommended pricing from approximately $10.00 for the 50A connector.