Hit the Road with Zero Emissions: Tasmania Takes the Lead in Clean EV Driving

Tasmania, Australia’s island paradise, isn’t just known for its stunning scenery and wilderness adventures. It’s also a champion of renewable energy, making it the ideal destination for an eco-friendly road trip with your electric vehicle (EV).

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Buckle up and discover why Tasmania offers the cleanest EV driving experience in all of Australia.

Breathe Easy with Tasmania Renewable Edge

Unlike other states reliant on fossil fuel-based power grids, Tasmania boasts a remarkable achievement – 100% self-sufficiency in renewable electricity generation. Hydropower reigns supreme, harnessing the island’s abundant rainfall and freshwater resources to produce clean energy. This translates to a significant advantage for EV drivers. Every kilometre you travel in your EV is powered by clean energy, minimising your environmental impact compared to driving in states with higher dependence on fossil fuels. Studies show that driving an EV in Tasmania results in a whopping 70-77% reduction in emissions per kilometre compared to traditional gasoline-powered vehicles. That’s fresh air for Tasmania’s pristine environment and your conscience!

Charge Up and Save on Your Eco-Adventure

Tasmania’s commitment to a sustainable future extends to its growing network of EV charging stations. Whether exploring bustling cities or venturing into rugged landscapes, you’ll find convenient charging options along your route. As of Nov 2023 there are more than 240 EV charging stations in Tasmania. Many stations offer free or low-cost charging, making your EV road trip even more cost-effective compared to relying on gas stations. Need to know how much it costs to charge your EV, how long it takes, or how different models compare? Just use an EV charging calculator! They’ll give you the info you need in a snap.

Tasmania Welcomes You and Your EV

No matter your EV preference, Tasmania has you covered. From compact electric cars like Tesla Model 3 ideal for city commutes to SUVs perfect like BYD Atto 3 for tackling off-the-beaten-path adventures, you’ll find a variety of EV models to suit your needs. Check out the EV car guides from EV PowerHouse for more information. Planning your trip is a breeze with resources like the PlugShare app, which helps you locate and navigate Tasmania’s expanding EV charging network.

Experience Tasmania Clean EV Adventure

Tasmania’s unparalleled reliance on renewable energy makes it the undisputed leader in clean EV driving within Australia. Imagine cruising through breathtaking scenery, knowing you’re leaving minimal impact on this natural wonderland. So, charge up your eco-friendly spirit and book your Tasmanian EV adventure today!