How to Make the Most Out of Limited Campervan Space

Are you planning a much-needed road trip and have you finally purchased a high-quality campervan? If so, the chances are still high that interior space will need to be taken into account.

campervan space

This is even more relevant when travelling long distances with children, friends or family members. What options are at your disposal? Let us examine some handy suggestions that can be implemented within a short period of time without breaking the bank. Believe it or not, it is entirely possible to comfortably travel even when space appears to be at a premium.

Streamlined Clothing Storage Solutions

From traditional designs to contemporary models, wardrobes have become a common fixture within any home. Why not instead incorporate a miniature version within your campervan? Many units designed for travelling can be mounted directly to an existing wall and some even offer a fold-out feature so that they can be tucked away when not in use. If possible, try to match their exterior appearance with the existing decor of the environment. This will provide the interior with an aesthetically appealing edge.

Be Sure to Compartmentalise

Anyone who has taken a road trip with the help of a campervan is well aware of the fact that clutter seems to accumulate in no time at all. This can be quite frustrating and unfortunately, some individuals are under the impression that such a situation is unavoidable. The good news is that thinking outside of the box can provide a host of practical solutions. One method involves placing small compartments (such as plastic trays, bins or vinyl bags that can be attached to the rear of seats with Velcro straps). These will once again help to liberate valuable space while on the open road. Furthermore, you are much less likely to lose valuable items or documents during the journey.

Convenience is King

Another tried-and-tested tip placing allocating objects where they are intended to be used the most. For example, keep all maps and travel documents within the glove compartment for easy access. In terms of the living area of your campervan, folding shelves and minimalist bookcases both represent great ways to store creature comforts such as electronics, snacks, DVDs, and even entire on-the-go entertainment centres. However, make certain that the associated dimensions are suitable for your vehicle in question. You might otherwise encounter issues during installation.

A Bit of Forethought

This final strategy represents more of a practical approach and yet, it is overlooked by countless travellers. Simply stated, only pack what you will need during the journey. Avoid superfluous items and always take into account the possibility of picking up a handful of souvenirs along the way. As a general rule of thumb, allocate a single empty storage box for any items that you might acquire during the trip.

Although not all of us can afford a spacious campervan, it is still possible to travel in style with the help of these useful hacks. Get ready for the excursion of a lifetime!