How to sell a car quickly and profitably?

Many drivers have to face the need to sell their vehicle. It may be connected with the desire to buy a newer model, the urgent need for money, or other reasons.

For instance, some might need extra funds to take advantage of opportunities like the tempting StayCasino no deposit bonus. In any case, everyone wants to sell the car quickly and for a good sum. How to sell a car quickly and profitably? How to approach the process correctly, and what mistakes can prevent the desired result?

2019 Mahindra XUV500

How and where to get your car valued profitably?

Price is a factor of great importance for both the seller and the buyer. The former strives for maximum value, the latter for minimum value. To ensure that the sale does not take too long, but at the same time, brought good money, you should strive for the golden mean. The easiest option – an independent evaluation. To do this, it is enough to open a specialised website, study the ads for the sale of models of a certain configuration and year of release, understand the average values, make adjustments to the state, reducing or increasing the price.

If you need to understand how to sell a car quickly and speed is the first priority, it is better to reduce the price somewhat and make it more attractive to the buyer. When time is not so important, you can be guided by values slightly above average, especially if the technique is in good condition, all consumables have been replaced, the appropriate preparation has been carried out.

Usually the price is influenced by the fact that the maintenance has been carried out on time. It also takes into account that wear and tear components such as brakes, belts or tyres have been replaced at the right time and are in good condition.

The price will also depend on supply and demand (whether there are many similar models offered on the market or not) or the need to sell the car as soon as possible.

How to speed up the sale of your car and get more money?

Before you sell a used car fast, it’s worth learning a few professional tips that increase your chance of success:

  • The right price. The subtleties of valuation are specified two paragraphs above, it is not recommended to deviate from the rules.
  • Full information. The text is not a lot – this is the axiom that should be guided when compiling an advert. Configuration, year of release, condition, modifications carried out, the facts of compliance with the regulations of the TO, personal feelings – an interested buyer will carefully study absolutely everything. It is important that the information was true, the problems are also worth honestly writing about, indicate that it is because of them the price was reduced, there is a possibility of bargaining.
  • High-quality pictures. Again, the more – the better. Of course, they should be taken from different angles, with good lighting, so that the buyer could appreciate the beauty of the car. It is not necessary to conceal defects, on the contrary, it is better to make separate photos with them. Honesty is good.
  • Redeemers are evil. You can forget about how to profitably sell a car with them. Redeemers are only about speed, but not about good money. You need to prepare for the fact that they will start calling immediately after the publication of the advert. The correct answer to all their offers is refusal. An interested buyer will definitely not ask for a discount of 50 per cent off the listed price. At 5-10 per cent can still be moved, but no more than that.
  • Pre-sale preparation. Before selling the car quickly and profitably, it is worth to make it beautiful. Dry cleaning of the salon, thorough washing of the body – all this will allow to present the goods in the most favourable light. Of course, polish the engine compartment to a shine is not necessary, but unpleasant odours in the cabin and stains on the upholstery is better to remove – the buyer will appreciate such a gloss.
  • Sandwich rule. Its main principle is honesty! You can not hide shortcomings. If they are – it is better to say. The second principle – competent presentation of goods. A car is very compact? But it consumes minimum fuel! Too large? Well, but it can cope with the most difficult off-road! Simply put, the advantages should outweigh the disadvantages.