Ways to sell your car in good price in Australia

There comes a time when you want to sell your car. Maybe you want to replace it with a better one as your family grew or you simply got tired of your current vehicle and would desire a change.

Sell your carNo matter what the reason behind this decision is, you always want to get the best deal, the least tricky one and you know without that kind of thought that has words like “I wish I knew this before I sold it” in it.

But there are simple steps to take to sell your car. In this article we are going to take you through all the needed steps to sell your car without facing any serious challenge. It’s all going to be fun if you know how to do it. Trust me.

How much is my car worth?

This is the first and most fundamental question in the whole process. There are different ways to get the correct value for your car such as:

Checking online valuation tools:

With the help of these tools you can easily enter details about your car and boom! Within seconds the estimated value is before your eyes. They are easy to find and use. Also they monitor market trends and give you the option of comparison but you know they are not that perfect. They might not be THAT accurate as they use algorithms to estimate the value while for example they do not consider local differences in the car market.

You for example are in Brisbane and want to sell your car. Market condition in Brisbane is unique to itself but those websites use the historical data of the whole country to estimate the value. There are other potential disadvantages to these tools such as generalisation of the estimation as well as possible bias due to deals with car buying services or dealerships.

Research Similar Listings:

There are some marketplaces out there which have cars listed for sale. You can visit those and find similar cars to yours and see how much others are valuing their vehicle. This method will prepare you for the negotiation phase of selling your car as it gives you proper insight regarding the market. But it’s time consuming and maybe some items of those lists would be out-dated.

Sell your car

Consult a Professional:

Before selecting a professional to guide you in the sale of your car, make sure you’ve done your research & chosen a reliable service. It would be good to know about the fees and commissions involved as well, evaluating them against the advantages and convenience each professional provides.

If you’re short on time, not sure how to go about selling your car or want expert advice that will get you the best deal for your vehicle, then hiring a professional consultant can be a great idea. They can help make the process easier and ensure you get the best price for your car.

Junk Car Removal experts can help you find the actual worth of your vehicle – any car in any condition. Our experts will reach out to you and get all the necessary information regarding your car and will offer you top cash for your old vehicle in Brisbane. You can click here to visit the website.

 Where can I sell my car?

Now that you know how much your car is worth you need to address the second question: where to sell it?

Online Marketplaces

You have plenty of options at your disposal. One imminent solution can be selling your car on online marketplaces. Although it might take some time to get the desired result, it can provide you a good reach of audience and the ability to add lots of pictures and details for your car. Here are a few popular websites across Australia, you can check them out and place your car Ad:



Auction Websites

Another option might be auction websites. They are best for those who need to sell their vehicle ASAP. The unpleasant fact though is that you might not get the desired price for your car.


Posting it on social media and word of mouth are two other means of selling your car. But they were not designed to this originally. Were they? So you know they might not be that efficient as well as the fact you may not want your cousin to know about this decision of yours! So, maybe some other time!

Car Dealership

When it comes to dealerships, there are some types within themselves. Some might only be trade-ins. You go, give them your car and choose another car and just pay the difference. Nice? Well you might sell the vehicle just below its actual value. But there are other types as well. Just like Junk Car Removal, there are good ones out there too! We come to you and offer you the best cash on the spot in different regions in Australia such as Brisbane, Gold Coast, Caboolture, Ipswich and Logan. And the process would be so smooth you’d wish you had more than one car to sell to Junk Car Removal. You don’t believe it? Well just reach out 0483-333-444 and you’ll see it yourself.

Sell your car

Prepare the farewell!

As the time comes closer to say goodbye to your old car, you have to prepare it to hand it to its new owner. It is appropriate to clean it, fix the issues it has – if there are any – and take some good pictures of it with proper details listed so the potential buyer knows everything needed to decide better.

The process of selling your car is pretty much about the trust you build with the buyer. If people see that everything is clear then they’d decide faster. If they’re not interested they can inform you sooner or even don’t reach you in the first place. And if they are interested you have given them all the information they need to make up their mind. Seems like an obvious rule but we sometimes see it being ignored easily and the outcome is not that pleasant.

The other preparation needed is to have all the vehicle’s documents ready so no one’s time is going to be wasted. Also you need to decide how you want your money and inform the potential buyer in advance.


Selling a car can seem like a lengthy, boring and even frustrating process. In this article we reviewed the most important steps in order to get the best result to sell your car in Australia. There is no single best option for everyone, every vehicle and every condition but there are key elements to look after which pretty much makes the way path clear to sell your car without facing any difficulty along the way. If you want to hand it over to a professional’s hand – better to be Junk Car Removal – then chances are you don’t face any challenge at all.