Isuzu LS-U Cab Chassis 4WD Ute on the farm 2023

Is the Isuzu D-Max Trayback a good farm Ute

D-Max LS-U Cab Chassis – A few weeks ago I took the long-term test Isuzu D-Max LS-U out to the farm for a few days. We had some fencing repairs to do, and it was a great opportunity to go for a longer drive.

Isuzu D-Max LS-U Dual Cab Trayback 4WD Ute at farm 1There have been a few flash floods along the creek bed lately and the bank has washed away and taken the fence with it. Now fencing isn’t one of my favourite things to do. In fact, in my list of top 100 things I enjoy doing, fencing comes in around number 499.

However, it needed to be done.

The drive out was relaxed and comfortable. Even though the LS-U misses out on several of the comfort features like heated leather seats, the fabric seats thankfully have additional electronic lumbar support. They are also warm, which was a bonus as it was minus 2 in the early mornings.

Isuzu D-Max LS-U Dual Cab Trayback 4WD Ute at farm tray 3

The dual cab LS-U cab chassis D-Max was right at home on the farm. Plenty of room inside, dual range 4WD system, powerful and robust engine, and a large tray for all the gear.

This trip showed exactly how versatile the D-Max LS-U cab chassis is.

Isuzu D-Max LS-U cab chassis dual cab 4WD Ute is priced from around $59,500 plus the usual costs

This is a Motoring Minute

I’m Rob Fraser

Isuzu D-Max LS-U Dual Cab Trayback 4WD Ute at farm 2

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Isuzu D-Max LS-U Dual Cab Trayback 4WD Ute at farm 3

What is good?

  • 4WD and towing ability
  • Ride and handling
  • Class leading safety features

What is not so good?

  • Missed heated front seats on cold mornings
  • Windscreen washers in wiper blades
  • Would love 150kW/500Nm

Isuzu D-Max LS-U Dual Cab Trayback 4WD Ute at farm tray 1

Final thoughts Isuzu D-Max LS-U Cab Chassis

I’ve said it many times. The D-Max is a robust, reliable and practical 4WD Ute.

The LS-U Cab Chassis Dual Cab 4WD Ute is perhaps the best mix between recreational and work Ute.

It’s comfortable and spacious inside, but has more than 1000kg payload.

Ideal for worksites and family holidays.

The D-Max will tow 3500kg with ease, go anywhere you will sensibly want to go off road and do it in comfort. All D-Max vehicles come with the tow assembly installed. All you have to do is add the hitch tongue you want.

Isuzu D-Max is a favourite Ute of mine.

Isuzu D-Max LS-U Dual Cab Trayback 4WD Ute at farm engine

Isuzu D-Max


D-MAX LS-U Cab Chassis

Model Price$59,500 MLP*
Engine3.0L 4 Cyl Turbo Diesel Euro 5
Drivetrain6 Sp Sports AT Dual range 4WD
Power140kW @ 3,600rpm
Torque450Nm @ 1600-2600rpm
SafetyFive-star ANCAP (tested Sept 2022)
0-100kmh / Top SpeedTBA
CO2 Emissions207 g/km
Economy ADR8.0L/100km / 76L capacity
Economy on test9.0L/100k
Max Range1101km
Servicing12Mth / 15,000km 7 Yrs. Capped Price
Warranty6yr/ 150,000 km
Roadside Assist7Yr. conditional roadside assist

*MLP Includes GST and LCT but excludes statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of options. Some features mentioned in the article are options.

RDAP means Recommended Drive Away Price (without options but including all other charges)

Isuzu D-Max LS-U Dual Cab Trayback 4WD Ute interior front seats

Overall Rating LS-U 


Behind the Wheel8
Ride and Handling8
Fit for Purpose8
AWD/Towing Capability*10 (4WD 5/5 Towing 5/5)
Value for Money10

*Towing and AWD capability is measured against similar vehicles in the same class.

Isuzu D-Max LS-U Dual Cab Trayback 4WD Ute at farm profile


 Isuzu D-Max LS-U Cab Chassis

Overall Length5285mm
Wheels17×7.0 Steel
Tyres255/65 R17
Max ground clearanceUp to 235mm
Wading Depth800mm
Approach30.0 degrees
Rampover23.9 degrees
Departure angle27 degrees
Turning Circle KTK12.5m
Tub/Tray Length1820mm
Tub/ Tray width / arches1780mm
Tub/Tray Depth255mm
Kerb Weight1970kg
Payload (kg)1130kg
GVM (kg)3100kg
Towing Capacity3500kg
Tow Ball rating350kg

Isuzu D-Max LS-U Dual Cab Trayback 4WD Ute rear

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