Jayco 2011 Swift Camper Trailer

jayco 2001 swift modelIn conjunction with the Jayco Almost Summer Sale running from 15 to 24
September, Jayco is launching its 2011 Swift Camper Trailer series.

Available in Touring and Outback models, the lightweight Jayco Swift Camper Trailer has been designed with small car owners in mind.

Holidaymakers will enjoy settling down for the night, or a sneaky afternoon nap, in the larger 4’6 front bed, while those with an eye for detail will appreciate the personalised front and rear mouldings, eye catching graphics and varying tent colours.

The Swift Camper Trailer features a full height sink in a spacious kitchen, with a Dometic RM2350 fridge that is perfect for housing all of your holiday meals and snacks.

Jayco Marketing Director, Andrew Ryan, said that Jayco is committed to providing caravan and trailer options for small car owners.

“At Jayco, we strive to make caravanning holidays accessible to everyone regardless of what type of car they drive.”

“With that in mind, we are extremely proud of the new Jayco Swift Camper Trailer, we think it will be very popular as a compact value-for-money Camper,” said Andrew.

As with all Jayco models, sturdiness and cutting edge design are key elements of the Swift Camper Trailer which features the famous galvanised Endurance Chassis which independent testers have lauded for its strength and protection.

Like all Jayco RVs, the Jayco Swift Camper Trailer frame is made of aluminium with vacuum bonded fibreglass walls, which is 150 percent thicker than aluminium cladding and virtually hail and dent resistant.

Travellers will also have the added protection and support of Jayco’s three year Roadside Assistance and 12 month manufacturer’s warranty.

The 2011 Jayco Swift Camper Trailer is available at all Jayco dealers across Australia and New Zealand.

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  1. I also have the exact same thing, except an ’84, but the interior, faribc., floors, etc, is a mirror of ours. I got it for free but had to replace the canopy, about $750, and do a little work on the roof, but good as new now and I love the low weight of only 1000lbs., and the low wind profile which makes it a breeze to tow. Remember to keep those desiccant packets working in the winter months to avoid funky mildew and smells.

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