Jeep and Mopar Reveal Six New Concept Vehicles for 48th Annual Moab Easter Jeep Safari

The Jeep and Mopar brands have once again collaborated  to develop a variety of vehicles that will debut at the annual Easter Jeep  Safari in Moab, Utah, USA from April 12 to 20. The Easter Jeep Safari, now in its 48th year,  will be attended by thousands of off-road enthusiasts looking to enjoy a week  of serious off-roading on some of the United States’ most renowned trails.  
“We head to Moab and the Easter Jeep Safari with six new vehicles we know Jeep  enthusiasts will truly appreciate – including our first two new Jeep Cherokee  models built specifically for this important event,” said Mike Manley,  President and CEO – Jeep Brand, Chrysler Group LLC. “We look forward to putting  these new Jeep vehicles in their proper environment and receiving important  feedback from our most loyal customers at their favourite annual off-road  gathering.”  

Jeep and Mopar used production and prototype Jeep Performance Parts on this  year’s collection of concept vehicles. Jeep Performance Parts are specifically  designed, built and tested to meet strict Jeep specifications, 4×4 capability, craftsmanship and versatility to help transform production Jeep vehicles into  even more extreme trail performers.

“This year we’re showcasing a combination of Mopar and Jeep Performance Parts  on our vehicles for off-road enthusiasts to see a variety of customisation and  personalisation options,” said Pietro Gorlier, President and CEO — Mopar,  Chrysler Group LLC’s service, parts and customer-care brand. “Since 2002,  Jeep and Mopar have teamed to create more than 40 unique concept vehicles for  enthusiasts who attend the popular Easter Jeep Safari.”  

Jeep Wrangler Level Red

Jeep Wrangler Level Red  

The Wrangler Level Red, which refers to the highest level of difficulty an  off-road trail can be designated, comes well-equipped to handle challenging  off-road terrain, riding high on a Jeep Performance Parts 2-inch lift kit. Jeep  Performance Parts Dana 44 crate axles on the front and rear feature a 4:10  ratio. The Jeep Performance Parts Rock-Trac transfer case provides a 4:1 low range  to make navigating obstacles much easier. The 3.6-litre engine with a six-speed  manual transmission is improved through a cold-air intake and low-restriction  exhaust system. Wrangler Level Red’s crawl ratio is 73:1.      

The sleek Pitch Black exterior of Wrangler Level Red is decorated by a TorRed  prototype graphic stripe that runs along the top of the hood near the bottom of  the windscreen and halfway down the body sides. The front and rear of the  vehicle are well-guarded by “Rubicon 10th Anniversary” bumpers, with prototype  black “Aero” bumper ends and an under-bumper skid plate providing more  protection. Wrangler Level Red rides on prototype 17 x 8-inch beadlock-capable  wheels, accented with TorRed colour on the beadlock ring. The wheels carry  aggressive 35-inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tyres.  

Jeep Wrangler Level Red   

Jeep Wrangler Level Red is modified with a Mopar half-door kit, and additional  exterior upgrades include a prototype Jeep Performance Parts tyre carrier,  locking fuel cap, a hood prop kit and Jeep Performance Parts rock rails.  Wrangler Level Red also sports badges for each of the five trails in Moab  recognised by the Jeep brand as “Badge of Honor” trails. (Jeep vehicle owners  can earn special vehicle badges once they conquer any of more than 30 approved,  high-profile trails across the United States through the Jeep brand’s Badge of Honor  program).      

The Wrangler Level Red’s interior complements the feel of the exterior. The  Tuscany Katzkin leather seats are embellished with red stitching, which is also  featured on the arm rest. Flame Red colour brings alive the seat belt webbing,  while HVAC rings are painted with TorRed inserts and roll bar padding in the  rear also features red accents. The interior is further upgraded with a gloss  black look on the steering wheel spokes and dash grab handle. Additional  accessories include a prototype Jeep Cargo Management System (JCMS) with a  tow-strap bag and first aid bag on the rear swing gate, all-weather floor mats,  grab handles, and a lockable storage bin under the seat.

Jeep Wrangler MOJO   

Jeep Wrangler MOJO  

The Jeep Wrangler MOJO (the “OJ” in the name stands for “Orange Jeep”) is  geared for the off-road enthusiast who seeks an even tougher vehicle with the  functionality to tackle the most extreme trails. A Jeep Performance Parts  2-inch lift provides the clearance to traverse obstacles with locking Dana 44  front and rear axles and a 4:1 Rock-Trac transfer case adding to Wrangler  MOJO’s rock-climbing capabilities. Wrangler MOJO’s crawl ratio is 59:1. The  vehicle’s 3.6-litre V6 engine is augmented with a cold air intake and low  restriction exhaust system.  

The Bright Orange exterior of Wrangler MOJO is defended by prototype Jeep  Performance Parts “Shorty” bumpers and prototype flat-top fenders, with 37-inch  BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tyres wrapped around prototype beadlock wheels, accented  with Mopar Bronze on the beadlock ring. The Mopar “Rubicon X” hood is  ornamented by prototype topographical graphics that contain bronze “mapping”  accents and flow down to the side panels. Additional trail enhancements include  a Jeep Performance Parts “Rubicon X” front bumper, an under-bumper skid  plate and a prototype Jeep Performance Parts winch. Jeep Performance Parts rock  rails are added to further protect Wrangler MOJO from boulders and rocks on  extreme trails.

Jeep Wrangler MOJO    

Prototype LED headlamps and fog lamps help make night trips on the trail  easier, and front and rear prototype two-tone half-door kits and a soft top  further add to the open-air fun and freedom all Wrangler vehicles offer. A ‘Badge  of Honor’ plate is added to show the trails Wrangler MOJO has mastered, and a  prototype Jeep Performance Parts tyre carrier gives support to the spare tyre.  The five Moab “Badge of Honor” badges also appear on Wrangler MOJO.      

The purposeful interior of Wrangler MOJO is ideal for the off-roader not afraid  of dust or mud. The two-tone instrument panel and console complement black  Katzkin seat covers and provide for simple cleaning. Rugged all-weather floor  mats shield the interior, and a Mopar sunbonnet and roll bar pads are trimmed  in a Driftwood sand colour, matching Wrangler MOJO’s overall appearance. A  Mopar lockable rear cargo tray keeps valuables safe.

Jeep Wrangler Maximum Performance

Jeep Wrangler Maximum  Performance  

Jeep Wrangler Maximum Performance speaks to hardcore enthusiasts who spend  every spare minute on the trail and seek the ultimate in power and capability.  Wrangler Maximum Performance is armed with new Jeep Performance Parts-exclusive  push-button electric-locking Dana 60 axles at the front and rear, as well as  4.88 gearing and the 4:1 Rock-Trac transfer case to better hurdle any trail  impediments. A prototype Jeep Performance Parts 4-inch lift kit also raises the  vehicle. Wrangler Maximum Performance boasts a 70:1 crawl ratio.      

A prototype Jeep Performance Parts “Stinger” front bumper can handle whatever  the terrain dishes out, especially when paired with a front bumper skid plate,  Jeep Performance Parts Rubicon rock rails and a prototype flattop fender kit. A  Mopar black grille dresses up the front, which is also modified with a  prototype Jeep Performance Parts winch, and prototype LED lights mounted to the  top of the vehicle to shine bright during night driving off-road manoeuvres. A  prototype graphics package signifying the Moab landscape adorns the hood.      

The Mopar Blue exterior is linked in appearance to the prototype eight-lug  beadlock wheels by the Mopar Blue colour on the beadlock ring. Wrangler Maximum  Performance rides on 37-inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tyres, with the sturdy  hardtop covering full steel doors. The rear of the vehicle receives a prototype  tyre carrier and a 37-inch spare tyre cover featuring the Jeep Performance  Parts logo. Wrangler Maximum Performance also sports the five Moab “Badge of  Honor” badges.  

Jeep Wrangler Maximum Performance   

Mopar Blue is also featured inside, highlighting the HVAC bezels and steering  wheel accents. Katzkin leather seats with embroidered Jeep logos feature blue  accent stitching, as does the leather armrest. The interior is further enhanced  with satin trim on the instrument panel, shift knob and HVAC controls, while  the steering wheel spokes and dash grab handles are underscored in black.

Jeep Cherokee Adventurer is one of six concept vehicles develope   

Jeep Cherokee Adventurer  

The Jeep Cherokee Adventurer boasts Trailhawk 4×4 capability, including a 48:1  crawl ratio with added utility and cargo convenience for off-road adventures,  and a host of Jeep Performance Parts from Mopar.      

The tan exterior is accented to the Trailhawk black hood decal. A prototype  matte black Mopar roof basket rides on top, with a bungee net holding down  cargo. Aggressive BFGoodrich All-Terrain tyres are mounted on prototype 17-inch  wheels, embellished with aluminium granite crystal and black pockets.      

Jeep Performance Parts rock rails provide formidable off-road defence, while a  two-piece underbody skid plate, front suspension skid plate, oil tank skid  plate and a two-piece fuel tank skid plate provide further protection. Red tow  hooks adorn the front.  

Jeep Cherokee Adventurer is one of six concept vehicles develope   

Black Katzkin leather seats with perforated inserts draw even more attention  inside with maize-embroidered Jeep logos and maize stitching on the  leather-wrapped steering wheel, arm rest and gear shift boot. The HVAC bezels,  instrument panel, steering wheel and door switch bezels are upgraded with tan  inserts to match the exterior colour. The Jeep Cargo Management System is  displayed with a Trailhawk bag, and is joined by a location-appropriate  prototype Moab off-road bag. Bright door sill guards with the Cherokee logo,  all-weather mats and a cargo tray complete the Mopar interior accessories.

Jeep Cherokee Dakar is one of six concept vehicles developed by   

Jeep Cherokee Dakar  

The Jeep Cherokee Dakar is the most extreme Cherokee ever. The Silver Steel  Satin Gloss exterior skin is strikingly set off with prototype Flame Red  graphics that encircle the window and wrap around the black hood graphic. The  Trailhawk 17-inch polished Satin clear coat wheels feature two large Flame Red  pockets, with the Cherokee nameplate also changed to a Flame Red hue.      

Front-end features are enhanced by two prototype Flame Red inserts on the  traditional Jeep seven-slot grille, as well as through a prototype lower fascia  trim. Cherokee Dakar is fortified for off-road action, equipped with Jeep  Performance Parts rock rails, an oil pan skid plate, front suspension skid  plate, two-piece fuel tank and underbody skid plates.      

Cherokee Dakar’s wheel openings have been modified in order to accommodate  larger 33-inch BFGoodrich Mud Terrain tyres. The rough-and-ready look rises  with a prototype Jeep Performance Parts lift kit, and additional suspension  modifications help make it the most extreme Cherokee yet. Prototype wider  fender flares with riveted bolts give a tougher appearance and also accommodate  the wider track and larger tyres. A prototype rear fascia allows for an even  more aggressive departure angle and enhances the higher ride height. Cherokee  Dakar’s crawl ratio is 48:1, and estimated approach and departure angles are 32  and 39 degrees, respectively.
Jeep Cherokee Dakar    

Prototype Katzkin leather black seats with “Machined Gunmetal” inserts are  heightened with Header Red stitching, which is also found on the steering  wheel, armrest and gear shift boot. A Flame Red insert accents the  entertainment centre. Parts sourced from the Mopar catalogue include all-weather  floor mats, bright door-sill guards with the Cherokee logo, a cargo tray for  storage, and the JCMS (Jeep Cargo Management System) with the Trailhawk bag. It  also features the prototype Moab off-road bag.

eep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel Trail Warrior

Jeep Grand Cherokee  EcoDiesel Trail Warrior  

The Trail Rated Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel Trail Warrior brings even more  capability and convenience to the award-winning SUV, courtesy of a host of Jeep  Performance Parts and Mopar accessories.      

Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel sits higher thanks to its Quadra-Lift air suspension.  The Mojave Sand exterior colour is dressed with Satin Black flourishes on the  grille, hood, lower front fascia, door handles, mirror caps, wheel flares and  badging. The prototype Mopar roof basket, mounted on production cross rails,  provides abundant space to transport gear and provisions. Prototype 20-inch  cast aluminium wheels in Satin black roll on aggressive All-Terrain BFGoodrich  tyres. Jeep Performance Parts tow hooks and rock rails are also featured. This  unique Grand Cherokee features a 44:1 crawl ratio.    

Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel Trail Warrior’s interior offers a black-and-tan dual  tone scheme. Gloss black accents appear on the HVAC bezels, steering wheel

eep Grand Cherokee EcoDiesel Trail Warrior

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