Kannad 406 XS3 GPS PLB

The New Kannad XS3 PLB is Kannad’s third generation of GPS PLB specifically designed for multi-environment use with safety at sea as the prime objective. KANNAD made the deliberate decision to develop a unique model with integrated GPS because life is too precious when isolated in hostile environment.


The Kannad 406 XS-3 GPS can be used at sea, on land or in the air. This new multi-environment Kannad 406 XS-3 GPS is the result of Kannad’s constant research and includes the latest technological advances such as the type of GPS used (sensitivity, consumption, fast acquisition and positioning), advanced components (consumption gain, miniaturization), non hazardous batteries and a design in line with its intended use as a hand carried product.

The Kannad XS3’s oval shape has been designed to fit perfectly in the palm of the hand. Its simple architecture is resumed in one flap for testing, one flap for activation with simple pictogram instructions for quick activation in distress. A sturdy attractive pouch is included and designed for clipping to a survival suit and to protect the PLB against knocks and shocks.
Kannad 406 XS-3 advantages are Integrated GPS for utmost precision (less than 60 meters), Immediate alert and identification (5 minutes), Innovative and ergonomical design, A light and compact beacon, Warranty 5 years
Over 20 years of experience PLB – EPIRB – ELT
Kannad 406 XS-3 GPS is Kannad’s 3rd generation of Personal Locator Beacons, (PLB)s. Because life is precious Kannad has selected the version with integrated GPS as unique model.
Cospas-Sarsat is a global distress warning signal operating in the
406.0-406.1 MHz frequency range consisting of:
1. Distress beacons
2. Satellites in polar orbit and geostationary satellites
3. Ground stations
4. Mission and Rescue control centers
5. Search And Rescue Services (S.A.R.)

A personal COSPAS-SARSAT beacon with built-in-GPS
The manually activated Personal Locator Beacon, Kannad 406 XS-3 GPS, complies with class 2 of the Cospas-Sarsat global system.

Each beacon is programmed with a unique serialised code that must be registered with national authorities. This enables the identification of the beacon owner as well as the environment where the beacon is used (land, air, marine). This information is vital for search and rescue operations to gain precious time.

A personal beacon to take in hostile environment
The beacon easily fits inside a bag, pocket, life jacket, flying or survival suit. It comes with an attractive and very resistant pouch for multi-environmental use. The beacon is buoyant, watertight and remains attached to its pouch. The beacon is watertight to 10 metres (5mn) according to specifications ETSI 300 066, IEC 61097-2, RTCM SC110 (USA), TP4522 ( Canada).

A light and compact beacon, oval shaped with no sharp edges, designed for the palm of your hand. The beacon lies naturally flat on the ground for optimum use in hostile conditions. The antenna is easily unfolded when the beacon is used. An advantage is that the antenna folds back into place around the housing for protection.

Easy to operate and test

The Kannad 406 XS beacon range has proven its efficiency in offshore races, rally Raids like the Paris Dakar, light aviation and ULM. The KANNAD beacons contribute in the saving of numerous lives in remote and hostile environment worldwide.

A reliable worldwide maintenance network
Wherever you may be, you benefit from an international service and maintenance network that also provides advice on how to get the best out of your Kannad beacon.

Technical Specifications

406 MHz Satellite transmission
406.028 MHz ±0.001 MHz
5W +/- 2dB
Biphase L modulation
440 ms every 50s
520 ms every 50s for GPS option

121.5 MHz Homing transmission
Frequency: 121.5 MHz ±0.003 MHz
Output power: 50mW (±3dB)
Modulation: 3K2OA3N
Continuous transmission

Built-in GPS receiver
12 Channels
Band L1 / CA
Position updated every 20 minutes in compliance with Cospas-
Sarsat specifications

Power supply
Non hazardous Lithium batteries (LiMnO2),
Over 24 hours at – 20°C

Battery replacement with original spare parts every 6 years from battery production date by Martec Serpe-Iesm authorized agents also equipped to test good operation in real transmission.

All protocols according to C/S T.001
PLB, EPIRB and ELT (where authorised).
Refer to national regulations.

ON push button
Bright green LED and buzzer

Test push button
Bright red LED and buzzer
Self test
406 MHz RF power
Battery voltage
VCO lock

Temperature range
Operating: -20°C to +55°C
Storage: -30°C to +70°C

Molded plastic, Valox, resistant to shocks
Colour: yellow compound

Weight and dimensions
295gr (0,65lb.)
Housing: 132 x 88 x 45mm (5.197x 3.465 x 1.772)

Black polyamide buoyant pouch

We havent had a chance to test the 406 XS3 PLB yet but will hopefully do so soon and will report back then.

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