Lexus LX570 Sports Luxury 5.7L V8

We have the Lexus LX570 Sports Luxury 5.7L V8 6 Sp Automatic. The 5.7L V8 produces 270kW of power and 530Nm of torque – making it the most powerful Lexus SUV ever. Launched in April 2008, LX 570 is the third generation of the LX Line and the second model to be offered in Australia. The LX570 Sports Luxury has a RRP of $161,500 and there are no options. Lexus prides itself on having everything included.

What are we testing?

We have the Lexus LX570 Sports Luxury 5.7L V8 6 Sp Automatic. The 5.7L V8 produces 270kW of power and 530Nm of torque – making it the most powerful Lexus SUV ever. Launched in April 2008, LX 570 is the third generation of the LX Line and the second model to be offered in Australia. The LX570 Sports Luxury has a RRP of $161,500 and there are no options. Lexus prides itself on having everything included,

What’s its purpose?
Ultra luxurious 4wd that never gets dirty! But can tow the ski boat or horse float with ease.

What’s it like?

Everything you would expect from Lexus. It is a luxurious behemoth 4wd that does an excellent job of masking and improving on its origins. It ticks just about every box for a luxury SUV for the family.

More safety features than you could ever read about or hopefully use, a big thumping V8 which is relatively fuel efficient, heaps of towing capacity, seating for eight, so you can take the full netball team to McDonalds, a bundle of technology that would confuse even a physics major yet works seamlessly and a level of luxury and quiet that few will experience.

What it lacks in personality it more than makes up for in ease of use and precision efficiency. It will do almost everything asked of it without fuss or grumble from towing the horse float, to trucking a load of teenage kids and all their gear around to a superlative outback long distance cruiser.

Like all vehicles it does have some faults, but these are minor and seem petty in the overall scheme of things. It is thirsty and big to park in tight car parks, handles like a 2.7T 4wd and the front drivers seat can do with some more travel for the long legged drivers and …. well that’s all I can think of really.

Other than that it’s Lexus perfect! And it’s a bargain. Its difficult to believe that any vehicle that sells for $160k is a bargain but the LX570 is! However i can’t stop thinking about just how GOOD it would be with a big efficient diesel under the bonnet. Im smiling from ear to ear-just thinking about it!!

Drive Notes – Rob Fraser Reviews

Externally the LX570 is big with distinctive styling. One of the things you notice is the paintwork, its perfect and the pearl white model we had looked great. Jump in and you are impressed by the look and feel of the internal layout. It’s extremely comfortable and somewhat immediately familiar.

Central to the Lexus ownership experience is technology that is simple to use, easy to understand and convenient. Entry is easy with Smart Key access, a powered tailgate, illumination of the vehicle sequenced to correspond with the entry or exit of the driver and passengers, and a push-button start. The climate controlled front seats are comfortable; multi electronically adjustable for everything and other than needing some more rear travel will accommodate all drivers, especially with the electronically reach and height adjustable multi function leather steering wheel. All the instruments are clear and easy to read.

The combination sat nav and control centre has one of the most intuitive and user-friendly vehicle function control systems interfaces, which allow users to operate the vehicle’s climate, comfort or entertainment functions with ease. The system is one of the few on the market to combine the advantages of both touch-screen and voice command.

It has touch-screen control of navigation, audio and air conditioning systems, and both voice and touch-control of the Bluetooth hands-free phone*. Storage is a key feature for the LX570. In addition to cup holders for all passengers, ample space is provided for stowage of other items in door trims, seatbacks, glove box and centre console or cool box on upper grades.

Push open-style cup holders have been adopted in the front of the LX 570, while double flaps allow for cups and bottles of various sizes. In the rear, cup holders are found in the centre row armrest for second row passengers, and in the right and left quarter trim for third row passengers.

Door trims are also able to accommodate 500ml bottles and the Sports Luxury gain further specification with a cool box in the centre console. LX 570 comes with the most powerful climate control system of any Lexus to date – a four-zone, 28-outlet climate tour de force. On Sports Luxury models, rear-seat passengers can enjoy the rear-seat entertainment system. It features a roof-mounted nine-inch high-definition wide screen display.

Passengers can enjoy their favourite movies with plenty of legroom and cinema-quality sound from the 19-speaker Mark Levinson Reference Surround Sound system. Rear passengers are well catered for as well with the first-in-class heated power-sliding second-row seat which offer 105mm of forward and aft movement, affording third-row passengers greater leg room, or larger cargo space.

The LX 570’s power third-row seats offer a power fold and stow function that automatically locks the seats into position. Safety is also a key feature with more features than we have space here to write about. These include the introduction of Australia’s first Wide View Blind-spot monitoring system on a production vehicle. The LX 570 Sports Luxury features cameras located within the grille and under the passenger side mirror.

In combination, the cameras offer the most comprehensive view of a vehicle’s exterior, giving drivers the ability to check hard-to-view areas by simply pressing a button on the dashboard.

Images from the front and passenger side cameras are displayed simultaneously on one screen to assist drivers in confirming that there are no objects around the vehicle. Which is ideal in tight off road situations etc.

The LX 570 Sports Luxury’s front camera offers 180 degrees of vision, while the passenger side camera provides a complete side view of the vehicle from tail light to headlight.

The monitor can also switch between views, displaying the passenger side of the vehicle or wide front view only. The wide view monitor operates at speeds up to 12km/h and automatically engages at speeds below 10km/h. The LX 570 also features a reversing camera as standard and it is fantastic for all situations. It can be used when hooking up trailers, reversing on a tight 4wd track or just reversing out of the driveway. All cars should have this feature.

There is an all-encompassing active safety package as standard equipment. Included in this are torque-sensing full-time all-wheel drive, a wider track, new coil-spring double-wishbone front suspension and a new brake control system, with Multi-terrain ABS, EBD, BA, as well as AVS, AHC, VGRS, A-TRC, VSC, ACC, RSCA, HID, AFS etc.

The VSC system has the added feature of a VSC cut-off switch, which can deactivate the A-TRC, or both the VSC and A-TRC, to help the vehicle negotiate mud, fresh snow or other slippery terrain.

A-TRC provides high levels of grip in off-road driving, without the need to engage the centre differential lock.

In addition there is a comprehensive passive safety package, including ten SRS airbags and active front-seat head restraints. The SRS airbag system includes Roll-Sensing Curtain Shield Airbags (RSCA).
LX 570’s ten SRS airbags are dual-stage driver and front passenger SRS airbags, front-seat side airbags, driver and front passenger’s SRS knee airbags, second-row seat SRS side airbags and full-length side curtain shield airbags that cover all three rows of seats.

The SRS airbag sensor system features a range of sensors, including the centre airbag sensor assembly with two roll-rate sensors, front impact sensors, side sensors, rear quarter sensors, rear floor sensor, front seat position sensors and front-seat seatbelt tension sensors.

The Whiplash Injury Lessening (WIL) active front-seat head restraint system has an absorber at the base of the seat backrest, linked by cable to an upper unit, which in turn activates the head restraint.

A new 5663cm3 all-alloy dual VVT-i Quad Cam V8 engine that delivers 270kW of power at 5600rpm and 530Nm of torque at 3200rpm provides power for the LX570.

It has 59 per cent more power and 29 per cent more torque than superseded LX 470 AND Lexus claims that fuel economy has been improved by eight per cent.

The 5.7-litre engine is matched to a new six-speed automatic transmission with artificial intelligence shift control and a sequential shift feature.

The constant all-wheel-drive system consists of a two-speed transfer and a Torsen® mechanical limited-slip centre differential. The chassis package includes all-new suspension hardware and a package of improved suspension control features, for enhanced on and off-road performance. The new transfer has an electric motor to effect changes between high and low range, and push-button control of centre differential lock actuation.

The LX 570 is tuned to operate on 98 RON PULP fuel, but can operate on 91 RON fuel. Around town we achieved about 18L/100K and on the freeway we achieved 14L/100K. Not good but not bad as well. However plant the right foot and use the abundant power and torque or tow something or head into the sand and see the fuel economy drop dramatically. Thankfully it has dual fuel tanks with an automatic fuel transfer system between the 93-litre main tank and 45-litre sub tank for a total capacity of 138 litres.

The Lexus LX 570 has Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS) for optimum active safety, ride comfort and a more natural driving feel.

Lexus AVS provides semi-active roll control of LX 570’s monotube dampers for optimum ride comfort while maintaining high levels of vibration-damping performance, and a flat ride posture. It also allows the driver to select one of three suspension settings (Sport, Normal and Comfort) for optimum ride comfort and handling depending on the surface and driving conditions.

The all-new suspension hardware and package of improved suspension control features, allows for enhanced on and off-road performance. Features include four-wheel Active Height Control (AHC) and Adaptive Variable Suspension (AVS).

LX 570’s suspension hardware includes all-new front suspension that offers improved wheel articulation, handling, ride comfort and steering feel.

The new independent double-wishbone front suspension has coil springs in place of torsion bar springs, to increase suspension stroke and stability and reduce harshness. The LX’s proven five-link rear-suspension layout has been retained In addition, LX 570 has four-wheel Active Height Control to optimise vehicle height when towing. The position of the trailer converter has been changed to minimise impact on the frame and improve performance when towing heavy loads.

The rear-most frame cross-member is hydro-formed for added strength and designed to eliminate the need for a separate tow bar. The towing hitch mounts directly to the mainframe cross-member.

LX 750 has a towing capacity of 3500kg with trailer brakes and 750kg unbraked.

Not that most owners will ever see a dirt road let alone anything resembling 4wd but the LX570 is enormously capable. Among its capabilities the Lexus Crawl Control automatically maintains a low uniform vehicle speed uphill and downhill – by controlling both engine output and brake hydraulic pressure, allowing the driver to concentrate fully on steering the vehicle and manoeuvring over rough or difficult surfaces at low speeds without the need for throttle or brake application.

It provides feet-off speed control to take the vehicle over rugged rocky terrain, moguls, rubble, snow, mud, gravel and sand. The system has two modes, providing brake control at speeds below 25km/h, and both engine and brake control at speeds below 10km/h.

The system uses the vehicle’s existing hardware, including electronic throttle, wheel-speed sensors, G-sensor and ABS actuator.

A speed-selector dial on the centre console provides the choice of three speeds.

It increases vehicle stability in extreme 4WD conditions by minimising wheel spin and tyre lock-up. Together, AHC, AVS and Crawl Control work together to ensure that the vehicle negotiates the roughest terrain with ease.

The LX 570 combines outstanding off-road capabilities with all the comfort and convenience features of a luxury sedan. It is just as happy bundling a bunch of teenagers and all their gear and driving them to McDonalds, towing the ski boat or horse float or heading to Cape York for a family adventure. That is its greatest appeal, the promise of so much more than the mundane. For my money I am dying to put on a bull bar and decent set of all terrain tyres and take it to Cape York just to see the look on the faces of people along the way. Oh and it would also be heaps of fun as well .


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