Narva Explora 175 L.E.D Driving Lights

Narva brings ‘Explora’ technology and value to new L.E.D Driving Lights

Narva Explora 175 LED Driving Light (fitted)With Narva’s recently expanded ‘Explora’ L.E.D Driving Light Bar enjoying a strong uptake from the market, the time was right for Narva to apply its ‘Advanced Optic Drive Technology’ and other Explora benefits to a new L.E.D driving light.

The new Narva Explora 175 L.E.D Driving Lights have just been introduced providing up to 20 per cent brighter light (3800 lumens and 1 Lux of light at 535 metres), compared to more traditional 175mm free form L.E.D driving lights.

Their impressive light output per pair is produced by 15W XHP50.2 Cree L.E.Ds, with the light being boosted by clever Optic Drive technology which works by capturing and better focusing the light in a more controlled manner, eliminating wasted light and focusing the beam where the driver needs it most.

Despite the added light the Explora 175 L.E.D Driving Lights produce, enhancing the night time driving experience for owners, the new lights come at an attractive price point, making them ideal for a wide range of passenger cars, SUVs and 4x4s.

Other benefits include a modern and compact design (600g weight per lamp) and an integrated ‘signature’ L.E.D position light pipe ensuring the lights looks smart as well as being practical.

As with all Narva lights, the Explora 175’s are engineered and built to last, featuring a fully sealed design to IP67, a Nitto breather vent, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate housings and hard-coated lenses. Additionally, the lights feature a pressure, die-cast aluminium heatsink and Active Thermal Management System (ATMS) to keep the L.E.D chipset cool.

The mounting hardware and brackets are made of stainless steel allowing for easy fitment to bull bars and nudge bars and installation is also made easier with the three-pin DT connector included.

Further benefits of these lights include a low current draw of just 1.8A per lamp (3.6A at 12V per pair) and EMC approval (ECE R10).

Owners installing driving lamps for the first time may wish to take advantage of Narva’s comprehensive 12V Wiring Harness (Part No. 74404) which is available at an additional cost. This kit includes an On/Off rocker switch with a red L.E.D indicator,  premium three-pin DT waterproof connectors suitable for driving lights with position light function and a pre-wired relay and fuse holder with 15A fuse. For added convenience, the kit is suitable for both positively or negatively switched vehicles via manual change over leads.

Another accessory available to reduce the potential damage from stones and branches is a hard-coated, virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens protector (Part No. 72219).

Narva’s new Explora 175 L.E.D Driving Lights are backed by a generous 5-year L.E.D warranty and can be purchased along with associated accessories from leading automotive and transport outlets throughout Australia at approximately $299.00 per kit.