Narva Offers Complete L.E.D. Work Lamp Solution

2013 Narva’s L.E.D work lamp range
Narva’s L.E.D work lamp range has long been a favourite across many industries, especially with users who appreciate its low current draw and brilliant white light output, coupled with Narva’s reputation for quality and reliability.

With a wide choice of shapes and sizes including light bar models, and a selection of light output choices from 500 and up to 15,000 lumens available, there’s a Narva L.E.D work lamp for just about every application, from recreational pursuits such as caravanning and four wheel driving, through to demanding commercial uses.

The breadth of the Narva work lamp range is highlighted by the following products. For applications where space is limited, the ultra-compact L.E.D flood beam available in single (72430) and twin (72433) packs a powerful punch for its size.

One of the most popular and versatile L.E.D lamps in the Narva line-up is the 72449 which boasts a 1200 lumen output while still retaining compact dimensions. Those wanting even greater output can opt for the upgraded 4 x 5W L.E.D version (72453) with 2000 lumens.

The Senator II LED work lamp is one of the most recent additions to Narva’s L.E.D work lamp range and is already having strong uptake with workers across many industries.

Available in 7 x 3W (2000 Lumens P/No. 72475) and 7 x 5W (3200 Lumens P/No. 72479), the versatile Senator II features a unique hybrid optic design that allows the operator to use it for applications requiring either a flood or spot beam. It also has an integrated ergonomic handle, sealed weatherproof switch, fully sealed L.E.D module and swivel bracket.

L.E.D lighting offers many advantages compared to conventional lighting. The latest L.E.D technology used in the Narva work lamp range features multi-voltage circuitry with reverse polarity protection, and provides instant full strength illumination and whiter light output for clearer vision and a safer working environment.

As L.E.D technology contains no breakable filament, L.E.D is resistant to shock and vibration leading to a long operational life of up to 50,000 hours. All Narva L.E.D work lamps are backed by a 5 year extended L.E.D warranty. Also aiding durability is tough diecast aluminium housings combined with stainless steel mounting systems and virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lenses.

Furthermore, each lamp in the range is fully sealed to IP66 standard as a minimum.

The range also includes a series of heavy duty L.E.D work lamps designed for the most robust auxiliary applications having been designed and rigorously tested to withstand the harshest conditions and the high demands of mining, forestry, agricultural and marine applications. These models meet the even more rigorous IP68 standard and come complete with pre wired high quality Deutsch sockets and supplied with a matching plug.

The heavy duty models are also available in a wide selection of shapes and sizes including 3W and 10W work lamps and single and double stack L.E.D bars. Narva L.E.D work lamps are available from leading automotive, four wheel drive and transport outlets throughout Australia.