OzRoamer 2019 COTY Awards coming soon

2019 OzRoamer Car of the Year Awards

Final 2019 OzRoamer coverOzRoamer Car of the Year (COTY) Awards are now in their ninth year and have proved to be an outstanding success with buyers relying on us in helping them make educated buying decisions. We want to keep it relevant!

They are deliberately oriented at having a complete reader and consumer focus, by breaking down the categories into those that best represent their buying decisions and parameters. They can easily compare different vehicles in the same category.


The OzRoamer COTY Awards are without doubt the most independent and comprehensive 4WD & AWD SUV COTY awards in Australia.

Since starting in 2011 we have grown the scope of criteria in line with the changing market trends. The categories have also changed from last year to reflect changing market conditions. The review process was exhaustive but worthwhile.

What are the Awards Criteria

The criteria for our awards is simple:
● The vehicle must be currently available for sale to the general public as at 31 December;
● The vehicle must meet the criteria for its category;
● Final contenders are selected by the panel;
● Each vehicle is subjectively and objectively measured against strict criteria and its competitors in the category;
● The vehicle with the most points wins. If there is a tie then the panel decides!;
● The judging criteria reflects real life situations because you, our readers, buy these vehicles for use in similar situations;
● The awards assist our readers make educated buying decisions; and
● Advertising dollars, reputation and marketing hype doesn’t sway the eventual winners or even the contenders.

How do we Price the vehicles

Pricing comes from the industry website redbook.com.au with all vehicles adopting the Manufacturers List Price* (MLP*) as the standard. If it is unavailable, we use the manufacturers’ website pricing. Some manufacturers only promote RDAP so we have no choice but to use that, but it reflects a standard across Australia.

OzRoamer’s annual Car of the Year awards are widely regarded as the industry’s most comprehensive and independent review of the 4WD and AWD SUV’s in the Australian market.

Since we published our first 4WD and AWD SUV Buyers Guide in 2011 where we announced our inaugural COTY winners, the annual awards have grown and, we believe, become even more relevant for consumers.

The OzRoamer COTY winners E-Magazine will be available Tuesday 14th January.

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