Put it all on green: 3 ways casinos are becoming more environmentally friendly

Putting it all on green is a phrase that usually resonates differently for casino gamers, particularly those familiar with roulette. However, with more companies worldwide emphasizing environmentally friendly approaches, the casino industry has been looking to lower its carbon footprint and implement a better, more sustainable practice into its business model.

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Traditional land-based casinos are renowned for their dazzling, vivid ranks of slot machines and glittering interior floors. From an environmental perspective, the cost of having all of these machines running for months at a time can be extremely high.

It’s not just the internal mechanics of physical casinos; many operators have taken proactive measures to become a voice for a green approach. Casinos are looking to engage more with their community, using some of their profits to bolster their local region. SkyCity supports local communities using several initiatives, emphasizing greener technologies and more efficient electricity use, and it is a blueprint a lot of other casinos have followed.

#1 – The rise of the online casino

 Most casino companies will use a significant portion of their profits to develop their online casino. There are several reasons why they emerged from the shadows and became the primary route for gamblers. However, many people don’t realize that online casinos are a much greener and more energy-efficient option for casino companies.

Not only does an online facility have nowhere near the same energy costs as a physical casino but customers can play games without leaving their homes. They don’t need to drive to the casino, which would increase their carbon footprint – they can simply log in and play. Although some bettors might prefer the aura and social aspect of land-based casino gaming, there’s no comparison in terms of efficiency and no question about which is better for the environment.

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#2 – Opting for greener energy sources

 Although there are many green energy alternatives compared to traditional sources, some casinos based in countries that see a lot more sunlight are using that advantage to become more environmentally friendly. Some good examples are places like Las Vegas and many casinos around Australia, where there’s a lot of sunshine throughout the year, especially in comparison to other countries such as the United Kingdom.

When a country is blessed with a lot of sunlight, there has been a pivot toward solar-based energy, which is a much better, cleaner option for casinos and other businesses. In countries that aren’t as fortunate and have a much smaller window of sunlight per year, the emphasis is to find different types of alternative energy, such as wind energy, which is seeing a phenomenal increase in usage.

 #3 – Digital record keeping

 It wasn’t too long ago that paper records were the only way that casinos kept information on their clientele. When digital casinos emerged, this was one of the most apparent indicators that moving to cloud-based digital record-keeping was a much more efficient and safer way to store customer data.

Some elements of casino gaming still require physical record keeping; some will use it as a backup but the vast majority will use digital services. As you can probably gather, keeping all this information in cloud or digital storage is far better for the environment than having cabinets full of paper records.


Although green energy and environmentally-friendly approaches have been picking up momentum over the last decade, it feels as though the industry has seen a sharp spike in investment and visibility over the previous two or three years. As climate scientists continue to issue stark warnings about how grave the situation will become if we continue to consume fossil fuels at the staggering rate we are, some of the world’s biggest vehicle manufacturers are now focusing on an electric-first approach.

While casino companies understand just how crucial it is to put the environment first, a whole wave of global businesses and central governments are now working together to bring down emissions, and with added incentives and grants being offered to companies that can hit these targets, it has created an influx of investment into the sector.

Casino companies are doing well and they’re one of the strongest online sectors, with their future

also looking bright. However, they must become market leaders in industries such as clean energy to continue growing and breaking into new areas. Suppose they’re able to continue incorporating this on multiple levels – in that case, they will be able to continue their growth and help play their part in creating a world far less reliant on fossil fuels and non-renewable energy.