2012 Toyota FJ Cruiser

Toyota FJ Cruiser Review

Since its launch demand for Toyota’s FJ Cruiser has exceeded expectations. This is probably because the FJ Cruiser is not only a revelation in its looks but it is extremely capable off road as well. The FJ Cruiser is powered by a 4.0L V6 5 Speed drivetrain with a dual transfer case. […]

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo Diesel EXT

Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6 Diesel Review

All up the Jeep Grand Cherokee Laredo V6 Diesel is a superb 4WD that is as comfortable on city streets as it is on the track to Broome. Towing with the powerful, torquey V6 Diesel is a breeze with 3500Kg capacity and standard Trailer-sway Control (TSC). Add the Quadra-Lift suspension and it gets better. […]

Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed 3.2l DiD ext

Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed 3.2 DiD Review

Going back some ten or so years ago Mitsubishi revolutionised the 4WD market with a large 4WD that actually had road manners. Time has moved on and the latest model of the Pajero is now getting long in the tooth but still remains an exceptionally competent 4WD with good handling and dynamics and excellent value. […]

2012 Lexus LX570 4WD External

2013 Lexus LX570 Review

The flagship of the Lexus 4WD range is the LX570. If you are looking for a large 4WD that is full of goodies and luxuries, is good off-road and can haul a load then you can’t do much better than the Lexus LX570. […]