The Only Beginner’s Guide to a Wilderness Trip You Need Today

Are you longing to explore the wilderness and the backcountry locations around you but you’re not sure how to prep for your first hike? If yes, we’ve got your back!


The best hikes are well-planned and thought out, especially for beginners, because the woods can be a difficult place to navigate if you don’t have the right tools and knowledge. 

Here are some very useful tips and recommendations that you can follow to make your first wilderness hiking trip a success. 

Understand the Place

Are you new to the adventurous world of hiking? If yes, start by choosing a hiking destination that’s not too far from your home. Staying close to home will prove helpful if you tend to overexert yourself on your first hike. Do your research about the destination and learn about the weather conditions, wildlife, and the terrain to prepare well. 

Get a Good Backpack

Don’t over depend on your flimsy backpack when hiking and camping. Get a sturdy backpack that will help you disperse the weight as evenly as possible. Bags with hip straps and padded shoulders are the best for the most comfort. 

Pack The Necessities 

Start by making a list of all your necessities that must go in your hiking backpack. These should include items like a sleeping bag, cooking supplies, first aid kit, map and compass, flashlight, whistle, sharp knife, and so on. 

Don’t forget to bring some bug spray, mosquito repellant and baby wipes to survive the wilderness with ease. 

Carry Enough Food

You never want to run out of food on a hiking trip, but you don’t need anything bulky or extraordinary either. Your best friend on an adventure will be the good old nuts and raisins. Carry a few cans of non-perishable items that will last you long without going bad. You can carry easy options like tuna cans or ramen packets for filling meals. 

Hiking e scooter

Explore With Confidence 

Having a low maintenance and portable electric scooter can make exploring so much more enjoyable for you. With an electric scooter, you can stroll around places that you’d otherwise never find if you were on foot. 

Here are some of the best electric scooters from ScooterHut that will help you explore the wilderness with confidence. 

Kaabo WOLF WARRIOR X PRO Electric Scooter

Kaabo, with its 100km range and industry-leading 1100W motors, is sure to be your best companion on a backcountry hiking trip. Its pneumatic tyres sized 10 inches x 3 inches are built for trips like these with rough terrain. Moreover, this e-scooter available at Scooter Hut has full hydraulic front and rear brakes for easy braking. 

Kaabo WOLF KING 11 72V Electric Scooter

The best thing about the Kaabo Wolf King 11 scooter is that it has a 28AH battery that can travel a range of 150km, so you don’t have to worry about charging it on your voyage. The 1500W motor makes it one of the most powerful e-scooters available on the market. With its 11-inch tubeless pneumatic tyres, it promises a great off-road adventure. 

KingSong N11 Electric Scooter

Here’s KingSong’s superb electric scooter that’s got a range of 80km on a single charge of its 22.4AH battery. The dual braking system is sure to provide safe and responsive braking so you can ride in the wilderness with confidence. This scooter is equipped with high torque dual 1200W motors and dual rubber cartridge suspension for excellent performance and speed.


Wilderness and backcountry hiking can be a lot of fun only if you’re well prepared for it. Without good prep, you’re likely to bump into issues that might discourage you from thoroughly enjoying your adventure. So, read up on our beginner’s guide and start exploring the right way.