The Pod All ROADA Trailer 4X4 Video Review

The Pod All-ROADA 4X4 Trailer is a versatile, light and robust ‘plastic’ off road trailer that weighs bugger all at 380Kg and will take 400Kg of gear. The Pod All ROADA 4X4 trailer will follow your AWD 4WD SUV wherever you take it. It will change your perceptions of what you need to take off road.

Pod All ROADA 4X4 Trailer

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Rob Fraser – General dogsbody & Director Rob is the founder of the business. He constantly mutters something about way too many red wines one evening being to blame. He first learned to drive on the farm in a left hand drive WW11 Jeep when he was 11, many years ago. He has maintained a strong interest in the industry ever since and was hooked on 4WDriving way back then. Having previously lived at the top of corporate life he retired in 2000 and hasn’t put a suit and tie on since. Cars are his passion so why not have a business doing what you love he figures. He has towed either a caravan or camper trailer to most parts of Australia, has run guided tours for camper trailers’ and instructed drivers in off road towing Often known for taking the 4WD in the driveway over the sports car, he has travelled pretty much everywhere in Australia and when he is bored goes for a drive.


    • Hey Brian,We’re looking at campers for our family We live in the NW and there are not too many hybrids out here We still don’t know why. I fell in love with the 23b floorplan We found a used unit back east we are considering buying. We have 2 little ones (4 & 5) wondering if you guys have taken your camper out yet & how it went. I feel totally weird hitting up strangers for feedback but it’s like we’ve hit the dead zone out here can’t even find one to to walk through. Any comments would be appreciated.

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