Toyota boosts LandCruiser 200 series safety and comfort

Toyota Landcruiser Sahara
Toyota has developed an additional layer of confidence and control for owners who use their “King Off the Road” LandCruiser 200 Series for towing.

The legendary LandCruiser has now become the first vehicle in the Toyota range to adopt the added safety of trailer sway control.

The system – enabled by and integrated with the existing vehicle stability control technologies – helps the driver in the event that a trailer starts to swing from side to side.

It is designed to suppress swaying that can be triggered by factors such as crosswinds, bumpy roads and sharp turns of the steering wheel.

It detects trailer sway based on information from the vehicle’s yaw-rate sensor, acceleration sensor and steering sensor.

If sway is detected, the system uses deceleration control and yaw-moment control to suppress the effects.

It warns the driver via the slip indicator in the instrument cluster and alerts following drivers by illuminating the stop lamps.

The system operates seamlessly and does not require the addition of hardware or any change to the trailer.

Another safety enhancement for LandCruiser is the addition of knee airbags for the driver and front passenger in GX and volume-selling GXL model grades, bringing the total number of airbags to eight.

High-grade VX and Sahara have 10 SRS airbags, including rear-seat side airbags.

LandCruiser 200 series models all attract a five-star ANCAP safety rating.

Further upgrades to LandCruiser 200 Series include dark grey privacy glass for the rear-side, rear-quarter and rear-windscreen glass on GXL models.

VX now has dusk-sensing headlamps while top-of-the-range Sahara gains dusk-sensing headlamps and digital (DAB) radio.

LandCruiser 200 models are available with a choice of V8 engines – a 4.6-litre petrol or a 4.5-litre twin-turbo diesel – mated to six-speed automatic transmissions.

The petrol V8, with variable valve timing on both the inlet and exhaust ports, produces maximum power of 227kW at 5500rpm and peak torque of 439Nm at 3400rpm.

The twin-turbo common-rail diesel engine delivers maximum power output of 195kW and a thumping 650Nm of torque.

All LandCruiser 200 variants have a 93-litre main fuel tank and a 45-litre sub tank – a total of 138 litres.

Price increases with the latest updates have been limited to $1,500 across the range, starting with the five-seat turbo-diesel GX at $78,990*.

The eight-seat turbo-diesel GXL is $89,990 plus the unchanged $3,250 option of the Kinetic Dynamic Suspension System. Seven-seat turbo-diesel VX is $100,990 and seven-seat turbo-diesel Sahara is $119,990.

The three eight-seat petrol models are GXL $84,990, VX $95,990 and Sahara $114,990.

LandCruiser 200 models are covered by Toyota Service Advantage capped-price servicing at $210 per service#.

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