Toyota genuine navigation

Toyota Genuine’s all-new FollowMe navigation unit is a stylish in-dash navigation and audio solution, which enables simultaneous and seamless operation of navigation, communication and entertainment features.

Developed in conjunction with TomTom, the new model FollowMe functions as a standalone portable unit device when removed from the in-dash dock.

In portable mode, FollowMe can be used in other vehicles* and on foot around town. Its removal from the vehicle also acts as theft prevention.

The neat integration of FollowMe into Toyota vehicles ensures the driver’s view of the road is not obstructed.

Regular traffic updates from Suna Traffic Monitoring ServicesTM^ can help FollowMe owners avoid stressful delays and areas of congested traffic in most major cities.

Hands-free communication is a key function of FollowMe and is simple to use with Bluetooth™**-compatible phones. The device can also read incoming text messages aloud.

Voice recognition software allows users to speak destination names, helping to minimise driver distraction from the road.

The 10.9cm touch screen display responds quickly to light touch input for all functions.

FollowMe also connects to the optional Toyota Genuine rear view camera, if fitted.

Entertainment is fully-featured with CD, DVD and MP3/iPod®^^+/iPhone®^^ audio, WMA, video and photo capability.

The motorised tilting front panel can be adjusted by up to 30 degrees to reduce sun glare, and hides the CD slot.

An iPod®^^+ connection kit enables music and video selections to be seen and controlled via the display.

When the nav unit is removed, CD and radio can still be played, and hands-free communication remains available.

In troublesome situations, the HelpMe feature provides useful information including a “Where am I?” location-finder, first aid advice and breakdown instructions. The portability of the unit makes this feature even more useful.

FollowMe’s navigation accuracy is enhanced via the in-built gyroscope and accelerometer that calculates vehicle speed and direction, even in tunnels where satellite signals generally drop out.

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