Trakka Motorhomes to have Rain Water Retrieval system

Trakka rain water recycle system roof topThis almost falls into the “why didnt I think of that” category. Trakka, manufacturers of quality motorhomes, has come up with the innovation of recycling rain water while on the road.

Australia’s dry climate has seen essential rain water harvesting in cities and towns, and now rain water collection has also been successfully incorporated into motorhomes.

Trakka’s wealth of experience in design and engineering has unveiled the innovative Trakka Rain Water Retrieval* (RWR) system for motorhomes which collects, stores and distributes rainwater from the roof for use inside and outside the motorhome.

An Australian first, Trakka’s automatic RWR system will revolutionise environmental efficiencies in the RV industry as it increases water capacity and reduces the reliance on mains water during extended trips.

Trakka RWR system side view

“With Trakka’s new RWR system it is predicted that, when parked on reasonably level ground, heavy rain fall can fill the auxiliary water tank in approximately one hour. This gives motorhomers greater freedom to travel and stay in remote locations for longer,” says Martin Poate, General Manager, Trakka.

An ingenious sloped roof design allows rain water to travel to the rear of the motorhome where rain water is directed to a catchment panel at the back of the motorhome.

“The catchment panel is curved to allow water to run off the roof and into specially designed slots which catch the water running over this area. The slots are sized to restrict debris such as leaves and twigs entering the system,” says Mr Poate.

“A gutter under the catchment panel collects and transfers water to a 55 litre auxiliary water tank. The gutter and plumbing are concealed within a stylish, aerodynamic rear panel.”

Assessing water levels is made easy with the Trakka designed Electronic Control System, which allows travellers to monitor water tank levels along with battery condition, air temperature and circuits all at the push of a button.

An easily accessible valve enables the RWR system to be flushed clean. The auxiliary water tank can also be filled independently via an additional water filler.

“Trakka’s continued research and development into new technologies enables us to make the touring experience more comfortable and efficient for travellers and more sustainable for the RV industry,” says Mr Poate.

Trakka’s RWR system is currently available with the Trakkaway 730 and 760 models and will soon be available across the entire Trakkaway suite of motorhomes.

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  1. At long last someone has managed to do something about collecting rainwater. I made a “crude” fold up gutter that zipped itself between the awning and side wall of the annex of our motor home. This then went into an opening into an auxiliary tank under the motor home, which when required was pumped into the main tank. As crud as it was it worked. I offered to give the idea to the awning manufacturers, but, alas they were not interested. Well done on the concept and the manufacturing it.

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