Women – How many pairs of shoes should you take on holiday?

Post Covid 19 the big question is -

ladies shoes on holidayBooking a holiday is one of the best feelings – committing to a period of putting yourself first and doing only what you want to do is freeing and fun and endlessly moreish.

But there’s the problem of limited space in the suitcase. You’re going to need to make harsh decisions over your outfits. You can’t fit your five favourite pairs of jeans. You can’t take a range of tops for the late evening chill.

You don’t have room for a makeup bag the size of a picnic basket. And you are going to have to choose between your footwear. Can you get by with three pairs? Or perhaps four? Is there possibly room for five? Let’s take a look at how many pairs of shoes you really need to take with you on holiday.

Who are you and what do you like?

 There are many types of holidays. Are you planning a city break with lots of sightseeing? Are you going on a cruise with minimal deck miles per day? Or are you heading to a beach, perhaps, with night time entertainment and plenty of dancing your cares away? Whatever you choose to do, you’re probably going to need to both get around in comfort and get around in style.

We’ll rule out hiking holidays at this stage, because they come with a whole different set of tips and guides on footwear to support your arches and go the distance (we’ll save that for another time).

For now, let’s agree that you’re going to be active and you’re going to be relaxing in fairly equal measure. You’re going to need to plan your shoes choices from a range of fashionable options (see NOVO for ideas). Let’s now see the answer to the question that started this blog off.

It’s not as high a number as you think…

 After much online research and much consideration, I’ve come to the conclusion that you could actually – at a push – survive almost any beach or city get away with two pairs of shoes. I know, I know, gasp, shock, horror. But hear me out.

If packing space really is an obstacle, and if we really do reduce our expected activities into daytime comfort and evening style, all you really need is some ‘glam trainers’ and some accent flats. The comfy ‘sneaks’ will get you through the day and go with summer dresses or jeans, and the accent flats will be fine for comfort and great look at night – after all, are you really ever going clubbing in six inch heels anyway? Thought not.