12 Tips to Overcome Your Fear of Flying

Fear of FlyingThere are lots of people who love travelling around the globe year-round and want to see new places, but the one part that is not exciting or fun is flying.

For some people, flying is just a hassle, and thanks to the cost of the fares, delays in airports, and cases of lost luggage. But for the rest of the travellers, flying is just more than a convenience; it’s slightly more terrifying for them.

The fear of travelling in flights can occur because of numerous reasons, including claustrophobia or generally known as a fear that arises of heights.

Many flyers who have a fear of flying in the air, and have an irrational concern that the aeroplane will malfunction or crash into a mountain or a building, no matter whatever measures the flight officials take to control these circumstances.

The myth that always remains in their mind that how safe is flying rather than driving, still restricts them to sit in the flight. Other travellers usually worry and panic thinking that maybe there is a possibility of hijacking or the flight is not under the control of the airlines or the pilot.

If you are worried about flying, then here are a few steps that you can take, which will help alleviate all your fears quickly. Additionally, to reduce the burden of choosing and booking the air ticket  from the right platform flight, one can consider Faremart which has access to 450+ airlines and offers satisfactory services to the clients and travellers around the world

Whether to fly or not, that is something you have to decide on your own, and nobody else has the authority to make it.

However, if you are willing to fly but are scared of certain factors, then you can make use of these tips and tricks that will help you to avoid thinking negative about the journey, and you will start enjoying the flight journey.

Here are the top 12 tips which you can use to overcome the fear of flying:

  1.    Know what is going to happen –

This doesn’t mean that somebody is there to say what’s going to happen in the future or you can certainly determine what’s going to happen in the future. To know what is going to happen means what can you expect from the flight journey.

For all the people who are flyers, it is necessary to learn the basics functionality of the aeroplanes. This means knowing how the planes work will help them in understanding the safety and security measures each airline takes before actually launching the flight in the market.

For example, if the plane suffers a malfunction while it is flying or the plane suffers engine failure, the flight will be able to fly to the nearest distance and can land safely. This is the fact that you should know before actually boarding the plan. It will help you in alleviating all the fears that you might have.

Also, it is recommended to have some apps downloaded in your mobile device to track the status and activities of your airplane. Say, if you are travelling with Aeromexico, download the Aeromexico flight tracker application that keeps you updated with the flight’s necessary details and tracks the routes and timings as well.

  1.    Familiarize with the belongings of the aeroplane –

If you get to know how the plane looks and where are the emergency exits, and other doors, it will help you in alleviating your fears and making your journey less scary than it seems to be now.

If you are familiar with your plane, then you know what’s where and how can you escape an emergency.

  1.    Choose the aisles –

The best way to avoid contact with your fear is to choose the aisle seat. If you are scared of height, then you must avoid choosing the window seat and choosing the aisle seat will help you in preventing the fear of heights.

You can request the flight officials or booking executives to provide you with the aisle seat while assigning a seat for you or while booking the flight tickets.

  1.    Monitor the intake of your media –

This may not sound familiar or interesting to you; however, avoiding movies that are based on aeroplane crashes or new channels showing aircraft crashes, will help you to combat the fear of travelling in planes.

If you want to remember something, then remember that there are mostly all the flights that take off and land off safely every day.

As per different reports are concerned, about 43,000 flights take off from their source airport and land safely in their destinations. There are about 2.6 million passengers who travel by air every single day and travel across 29 million square miles.

  1.    Think positive –

Before doing anything in the world, you must know how to stay calm and positive. Don’t try to talk to people who will put negative thoughts into your head by explaining their experiences.

It doesn’t mean that they had a bad experience travelling in the air, so you will also have it.

Thinking positive will help you to stay calm and analyze the situation so that you can work it accordingly.

Try to search for the positivity that is involved when you are travelling by air. This will help you in reducing the fear of heights.

  1.    When you reach the airport, don’t try to rush –

Allow yourself to analyze the situations at the airport once you arrive, and give yourself enough amount of time to understand the situations before boarding into the flight directly.

Don’t try to race to the gates, instead talk to the officials or pilots, or even attendants and make them aware that you are travelling for the first time or you have to fear of travelling by air.

They will ensure that everything falls into place correctly, and they will take enough care of you while you are in the air.

  1.    Wait for the flight to arrive–

Most of the airlines have their own airport lounges which are quiet and have luxurious waiting lounges which help you in staying away from the hassles or hustles.

Try to sit in the waiting lounge and keep yourself calm until the flight arrives. If you want to purchase something at the airport, you can take a walk at the airport that will help you in keeping yourselves distracted from the fear.

  1.    Meet and build a rapport with your crew –

The most important element for you to keep yourself calm is to talk to the pilots and the crew. You can spend some quality time talking to them and making them aware of the issue you have.

They will ensure that you are well-taken care off and make you understand how safe it is to travel by air.

You can make a friendly environment within the flight crew and your co-passengers, which will help you in dealing with your fear easily.

  1.    Listen to music –

Try to listen to your favourite playlists and bands when you are flying. This will help you in keeping yourself engaged and distracted so that you don’t face that fear again and again. You can listen to some stress-busting music as well to keep yourself distracted.

  1.    Remind yourself that who is actually the in charge –

Most of the flyers usually get scared of thinking that if the flight loses control, they will be unable to handle.

Make sure to remind yourself that you are not in charge of flying the plane or controlling it. It is in the hands of capable people who will make sure that you land safely at your destination.

  1.    Breathe –

If you are getting the fear, again and again, breathe and meditate for some time. This will help you in reducing stress and deal with your anxiety efficiently.

  1.    Sleep properly –

The night before the travel date, try to get as much sleep as you can. If you are travelling by air, then also try to sleep during the mid-air journey. This will help you in avoiding the fear of heights as you will be sleeping so deep that you wouldn’t realize when you have landed.

Final Words

These are some general tips and tricks that you can make use of before travelling or during your travel by air.

You need not have to fear from flying as most of the airline make you understand how to control your fear and deal with complex situations that may arise during the travel. You are in safe hands.