2019 Lexus LX 450d 4WD Review

2019 Lexus LX450d Road Test Review

2018 Lexus LX450D Lexus LX 450d Overview –

Back in January 1989 Lexus stunned the automotive world with the debut of the LS 400 sedan. Here was a Japanese manufacturer daring to encroach on the European prestige brand turf. Lexus produced, what was for many, a flawless sedan. It has developed from nothing AWD SUV’s in the RX and NX range but for their premium 4WD SUV they have relied on the ubiquitous LandCruiser underpinnings. This brings many advantages and some disadvantages for the LX 450d. Make no mistake, the LX450d is a genuine 4WD though.

Lexus LX 450d External –

It looks from a distance like a Sahara LandCruiser. It does carry the Lexus familial style though with the nose and grill, some extra features around the rear light binnacle and wheel and tyre combinations. The 20-inch standard alloys also feature a bright, machined finish with a sophisticated, multi-spoke design. They run 285/50R20 tyres. Both the auto levelling LED headlamps and daytime running lamps illuminate in an L-shape to express strong brand identity.

2018 Lexus LX450D

Lexus LX 450d Internal –

It is inside where Lexus really differentiates itself from the donor vehicle. In typical Lexus fashion the interior is packed with features and function. Lexus has managed to improve what was already a sumptuous, luxurious cabin with a completely redesigned, premium luxury interior. The changes include new steering wheel, console storage, full instrument panel, door trims, ornamentation, instrument display, multimedia screens and seats.

The enhancements are evident immediately upon entering the LX cabin, with new, silky white light from the all LED interior lamps, including the overhead console lamp.

The driver’s seat has a 12-way power function for the reclining angle, lumbar support, vertical adjuster and cushion front. It is superbly comfortable. The front passenger seat has a 10-way power function to meet individual preferences. Front seats are heated only where in the LX570 they are heated and ventilated. The high grade leather-accented and wood-trimmed, electronically adjusted three spoke steering wheel provides comfort and increases functionality with a new control switch layout. The dash is clear, easy to read and houses a 4.2-inch TFT display screen. There is also an adjustable HUD with current speed and navigational waypoints.

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2019 Lexus LX 450d 4WD Review
  • 2019 Lexus LX 450d 4WD Review


For years Lexus resisted adding the diesel engine to their flagship model. Finally they have the ammunition to fight some of the competitors and in fact go one better than some. It comes in slightly cheaper than the LX 570 with a few minor features missing and five seats. However it is competitive amongst prestige SUV’s in that it combines a level of luxury expected (and beyond in some cases) with true robust 4WD capability

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