Camper Trailers 3Dog deefa box Ute back Camper

MyRV Publications was wandering through the Maitland camping show and came across the 3-dog stand and their clever Ute back Camper. We asked Ngaire to tell us about it and here are her comments.


That’s “D” for 3 Dog Camping. Responding to demand from those in the know, 3 Dog Camping have ramped up their production of this years hit product, the Ute Back Camper, also know as the DEEFA. Its light, saving you fuel, fl oats up and
Down with precision and ease using clever engineering, which saves you time, and is custom fi tted into your Ute tray, leaving your tow bar free for the boat or trailer.

The deefa box is built to suit your vehicle, so whether it’s a dual cab ute, a single cab or extra cab or even the style side – doesn’t pose a problem to the 3 Dog Deefa’s – if you have the ute, we can build the camper.

This Ute back camper has so many clever features; it’s really worth a look. For example your camper can be used on or off your vehicle so that you can make that quick trip down the road or a daytrip out of camp. When the legs are put in place to drive the Ute away the angle of the legs make the unit very stable unit when the Ute is not underneath. This allows you to still sleep and use the camper any time!

3 Dog camping manufacture in Australia, using super high quality materials, so it’s a wonder that they are still able to offer the DEEFA at such a competitive price.

The standard Deefa has, the box built to the dimensions of the tray or the customers specs, the height is on average 550high with 3 doors, one on both sides and one on the back. The standard Deefa comes with this box and nothing inside, a Queen Size mattress on the top and the room size next to your trailer is 8’. Other room sizes available are 9’ or 11’, which is more than enough room if you have a dual cab Ute and have a family!

3 Dog camping continues to support their customers by building in kitchens, special compartments for storage or their beloved pooch’s spaces so they can come along for the ride as well.

Some of designs that help customers make their camping comfortable are the kitchen idea, where 3 Dog makes the kitchen accessible from inside the tent, So when your traveling along and pulling over in inclement weather, all you have to do is open up the tent, enter, close up for the evening, unzip the side access door and have full access to all your kitchen requirements and clothes without having to go outside again, or at least you have to go to the bathroom!

The kitchens can be very basic from a drop down 2 burner/grill stove and space for the water basin
Right through to a dual slide out pantry where the stove and water slides out from just below the pantry and the fridge is beside the pantry, also on a slide out, these simple things help when your not wanting to use the appliances all the time and they not in your way.

Separate storage compartments can be made within the storage area these can be very helpful when storing larger bulky items like the legs or the generator, the poles and pegs and these don’t slide around the generous spaces provided in the Deefa, simple things really that make your time away really quite comfortable and with simple style.

Draw slides are simple optional extra that you may want to look at, they can be made as long as the tray or as wide as you like and these will stop you having to reach over al your gear to fi nd what your looking for.

Super easy to erect, spacious and comfortable and above all trustworthy in the roughest conditions, 3 Dog Camping have pioneered design features and construction techniques such as their super-light-weight camper trailers that you can tow with a motorbike, to the canvas home away from home on top of your 4 wheel drive known as the Top Dog.

3 Dog Camping equipment lets you spend your camping holidays enjoying the wilderness in your own unique way.
So what else can we tell you about what will become a new word in the camping world the “DEEFA” ?? Its beautifully simple in its design, its comfortable and easy to use, its lightweight and it wont break the bank – Really – you only have one major decision…… what colour do you want?