OzRoamer Guide to Slide on Campers and Camper Trailers 2014 Buyers Guide

Welcome to the third edition of OzRoamer Guide to Slide on Campers and Camper Trailers 2014 Buyers Guide. 2013 has seen a fundamental shift in the industry with the entrenchment of cheaper Chinese imports having a disastrous effect on local manufacturers at the lower end of the market.

While there are still over 180 manufacturers and importers of Camper Trailers and Slide on Campers the turnaround last year alone was over 38 with a number of manufacturers quitting the industry and some new players starting up. The next 12 months will see more upheaval, especially in the Camper Trailer segment .

Frankly there are too many players in that segment and even some of the larger importers and many smaller local manufacturers are feeling the pinch. This time next year there may well be some of the big names in the cheaper end gone. With that it may leave consumers who have bought cheap trailers stranded with no backup.

The growth in the cheap camper trailer segment has stagnated and there are too many suppliers for there to be sustained profits. It’s a pity as there are a number of quality local manufacturers that simply can’t compete with the lower quality cheaper imports and local less quality product.

The growth is in the more expensive Hybrid Campers, upmarket Campers and Slide on Campers . Here you have a mix of quality imported and local suppliers.

Even with this year’s shakeout there is an abundance of choice for consumers. With all this choice comes confusion for buyers and with many manufacturers making conflicting claims it can be a mine field trying to make an educated choice about what to buy.

That’s where we come in. This magazine is full of important information to help you, the buyer, make educated decisions about what to buy to suit your travel plans. We have done all the hard work for you. In fact we have a number of articles that explore all you need to know before you buy to help you and there are over 40 directory listings for some manufacturers to help as well.

Well enough of my ramblings, I hope you enjoy this Buyers Guide.


OzRoamer Camper Trailer and Slide on Camper Buyers Guide 2014

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