2013 Carry me Camper Corroboree
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Carry me Camper 2013 Corroboree

Candy Canvas the manufacturer of Carry Me Camper slide on camper has had their 11th owner Corroboree at Noorama in QLD. Owners travelled from as far as Kalgoorlie in WA and Tasmania to attend. Over the weekend $1100 was raised for the Royal Flying Doctor and Ronald McDonald House. […]

Camper Trailers

Camprite TL8S Camper Trailer Review

Overall the Camprite TL8S is an ideal camper trailer for a family that appreciates quality and ease of use. It is unique amongst the market segment, extremely well made and thought out and is one of the most practical set up solutions available.

GT Campers Off Road Camper Trailer set up
Camper Trailers

GT Off Road Camper Trailer Review

GT Campers have cleverly designed a camper that sits atop a ute back and uses the ute wells from popular makes as the base. There are three versions. The GT Campers Hilux Expedition that sits on back of a well back Hilux and the GT Touring On Road Camper Trailer and GT Off Road Camper Trailer which we are reviewing here.

ModCon Camper Trailer Imperial HFD front 34
Camper Trailers

Modcon Imperial HFD Camper Trailer Review

Modcon campers from up Capalaba Queensland way have been around for a long time and build a quality product. Designer Kerry has an engineering background and his attention to detail is meticulous. This is obvious in the Imperial HFD off road camper trailer we are reviewing here today. […]