Caravanning Tips for the Anzac Day long weekend

Caravanning Tips – There is a long weekend (with a flex day Friday) coming up and the end of school holidays in some states. Many families may be heading away in their caravan for a relaxing weekend.

2024 towing tips _Jayco_AllTerrain_OffGridX-9However, what starts as a weekend full of anticipation and excitement may end up i n disaster.

Towing a caravan isn’t the same as towing the 6 x 4 trailer to the to on the weekend.

I used to run off road towing courses previously, not any more. These days I always recommend drivers do a towing course run by the experts such as Getabout Training Services and their excellent Tow-Ed course.

In the meantime Jayco has a few tips for this weekend.

Check out these 10 essential tips from Jayco to help any caravanners further elevate their travel adventures.


Jayco’s top 10 caravanning tips: 

  1. Carry a small tool kit for repairs and adjustments, along with spare globes, fuses, and bearing kits or their numbers for replacements.
  2. Ensure even distribution of load and placement across the centre of your van/wheels for better stability.
  3. Develop a system that works best for you to ensure you’re hooking your van to your vehicle, locking it securely, and checking all van lights.
  4. Before leaving anywhere, lock windows and hatches internally, keep blinds open, close drawers, secure the awning correctly, and tighten knobs.
  5. Be aware of weight limits for your car and caravan to avoid overloading.
  6. Maintain at least 10% of the van’s tow-ball weight as a minimum.
  7. Regularly check tyre pressure and replace tyres that are over 10 years old.
  8. Create and follow a checklist before leaving to ensure everything is in order.
  9. When reversing your van, approach from the left side of the site for a better view over your right shoulder.
  10. When reversing, place a highly visible object or a look out person on the spot you want the right rear corner of the van to end up. Using a phone or two way radio helps.