List of 2015 Caravan and Camping Shows

2012-Rosehill-SupershowHere is a list of the Caravan, Camping, RV, Motorhome Expos and Shows throughout Australia in 2015. If I have missed a show please let me know. These shows provide the opportunity to see and touch a number of different products from manufacturers in the one place.

January 2015
22nd – 25th January: Geelong Caravan Camping and Outdoor Expo
February 2015
6th – 8th February: Newcastle Supershow – Caravan, Camping and Holiday Expo-
11th – 16th February: Melbourne Caravan, Camping & Holiday Supershow
19th – 23rd February: Adelaide Caravan & Camping Show
20th – 22nd February: Illawarra Caravan and Camping Show
March 2015
18th – 22nd March: Perth Caravan & Camping Show
April 2015
11th – 19th April: Sydney Caravan, Camping & Holiday Supershow
17th – 19th April: 2015 South Queensland Caravan Camping Boating and Fishing Expo
May 2015
15th – 17th May: Albury Caravan Camping Show
29th – 31st May: Hunter Valley Caravan, Camping, 4WD, Fish & Boat show
29th – 31st May: Explore Australia, Victoria
June 2015
3rd – 9th June: Queensland Caravan, Camping and Touring Holiday Supershow
13th – 14th June: Coffs Coast 4WD, Caravan & Camping Show
July 2015
August 2015
7th – 9th August: Mid North Coast Caravan Camping 4WD Fish and Boat Show
11th – 16th August: Border Caravan & Camping Expo
21st – 23rd August: Macarthur Caravan, Camping, 4WD, Fish & Boat Show
September 2015
11th – 13th September: Penrith Caravan, Camping & Holiday Expo
18th – 20th September: Dubbo Caravan and Camping Show
25th – 27th September: Central Coast 4WD, Caravan, Camping & Boat Show
October 2015
8th – 11th October: Sandown RV & Camping Leisurefest
16th – 18th October: Sydney 4WD & Adventure Show
23rd – 25th October: Adelaide 4WD & Adventure Show
November 2015
6th – 8th November: Perth 4WD & Adventure Show
6th – 8th November: South Coast Caravan, Camping & Holiday Expo
20th – 22nd November: Bendigo Caravan & Camping Leisurefest
December 2015