Narva Extreme Lights meet the demands of outback driving

Narva Extreme LightsNarva Extreme Driving Lights become standard equipment for one of Australia’s most advanced adventure 4 X 4 motorhome builders. This is to meet the demands of harsh outback driving conditions.

SLR Caravans & Motorhomes, a Gold Coast based private family business established in 1970 and building outback motorhomes for more than 10 years, made the selection following exhaustive trials on a range of alternatives.

“Our vehicles carry up to six of these lights and we selected the Narva Extreme due to their rugged construction, strength and design features,” said Director, Stuart Boswerger. ”Both Halogen and High Intensity Discharge (H.I.D) Extremes are being used and our clients are amazed at the light performance and strength especially on corrugated outback roads and off road terrain out west,” he said.

The company has been using Narva lights as original equipment for a number of years on the rear and interior and is now also fitting the latest L.E.D light bars for general purpose flood lighting.

These special purpose expedition 4 X 4 vehicles, based on the Isuzu MPS300 chassis, are designed as all terrain multi-purpose vehicles capable of allowing enterprising local and international visitors to experience Big Red, the Simpson Desert and other outback locations.

The company’s clients include many Australian retirees seeking the real Australian outback as well as international adventure seekers also keen to experience the wonders of the outback in comfort and safety.

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