Narva Releases ADR Approved and Street Legal High Performance Globes

Narva Releases Australia’s First Full Program of ADR Approved and Street Legal High Performance Globes
Leading globe and lighting technology company Narva, has released Australia’s first complete range of fully ADR compliant and street legal performance headlamp globes.

Motorists can now upgrade to globes that deliver amazingly superior light and performance with the peace of mind that each globe in the new Narva range is ADR approved and street legal.

For automotive retailers and the trade generally, the promotion of Narva globes eliminates any thoughts about the legalities or otherwise of the various globe options and the concerns related to their recommendations.

For those looking to see further there are now three options to choose from. These are Plus50, Plus100 and for the first time in Australia, a Plus120 globe.

A practical street legal upgrade that improves road safety by increasing the light volume by 50% is the Plus50 globe. This simple upgrade provides up to 20 metres longer beam, is suitable for polycarbonate lamps with no increase in power consumption or heat.

Through maximising the Xenon filler gas in the Plus100 globe, driver vision has been dramatically improved with the delivery of 100% more light on the road. These globes achieve up to 35 metres longer beam without any increase in heat or power consumption.

One of the premium performance globes, delivering the highest light output available, is the new Narva Plus120 performance globe. These produce 120% more light on the road compared with a conventional halogen globe, achieving up to 40 metres longer beam with no increase on power consumption or heat. A first for Australian motorists, these new globes are also suitable for use with polycarbonate headlamps.

Some drivers will prefer the colour of the globe to be whiter and Narva offers 3 globes that deliver more light combined with a whiter colour. Normal halogen globes are rated at 3,200 Kelvin and Blue Plus90 globes combine the benefits of 90% more light on the road compared with conventional globes, with a 20% whiter light output delivering 3,750K.

The Arctic Plus50 globe at 3,900K with its distinctive white headlamp appearance has 50% more light volume.

‘Intense’ is the latest breakthrough from Narva completing the ADR approved range at 4,200K This globe delivers the maximum legal blue, bright white light output and brilliant steel blue headlamp appearance with up to 30% more light volume.

Commercial vehicles have also been catered for with these advanced technological developments from Narva. A revolutionary new 24V filament design in the 24V Plus100 globes now produces 100% more life and 100% more light volume on the road with no increase in power consumption or heat build up that could impact on the vehicle wiring.

In yet another Australian first from NARVA, these latest advanced market leading ADR compliant and street legal performance headlamp globes are now available from leading automotive and transport outlets.