Narva ups convenience with new wireless chargers

Narva’s new range of wireless charging products are at the forefront of this trend.

Narva Wireless ChargersNarva Wireless Chargers – In recent years, technology has transitioned away from cords and leads to minimise unsightly cables and provide better access to devices and Narva’s new range of wireless charging products are at the forefront of this trend.

Narva Wireless Chargers

The company’s new range of wireless chargers enable the user to charge a compatible device, such as a smartphone, without needing the device itself to be plugged into a power cable.

Almost a third of Australians own smartphones suitable for wireless charging and this number will continue to grow in the years ahead as consumers continue to upgrade their phones.

The wireless charging system works using its in-built induction coils, which when placed against a compatible device that also contains induction coils the two coils act as a transformer. When an electromagnetic field is generated by the charging station, it creates an electrical current in the coil, with the current flowing into the battery.

Narva’s new Wireless Chargers are available in five different models, providing users with greater choice depending if the charger is to be used in a vehicle, in the caravan, at home or work, or a combination of several.

Ideal for use at home or in-vehicle, the Wireless Phone Charging Mat features a silicon moulded base with three in-built coils, providing a generous charging area to make correct phone positioning easier. The Charging Mat also benefits from anti-slip texture and raised edges to help keep the phone in place if knocked.

Specially developed for use in vehicles, the Wireless Phone Charging Cup is designed to sit in a cup holder and is equipped with a phone slot designed to fit phones up to 6.5” in screen size.

Charger for Four Wheel Drives

Also ideal for the car, four wheel drive or for commercial vehicles is the new Wireless Charging Air Vent Phone Holder. Its air vent mounting and gravity lock system securely holds the phone and charges it as the vehicle is driven.

This charger is well suited for charging the device while it’s still in use, such as for maps, for hands-free calling or messaging without touching the phone. The phone is easily removed from this charger by simply lifting it out of the holder.

Providing additional in-vehicle mounting options is the new Wireless Charging Magnetic Phone Holder. This product can either be affixed to a vehicle’s louvered vents via the fastening back, or alternatively can be more permanently secured to other areas on the dashboard or similar using the included 3M tape.

Unlike the other wireless chargers, this model is equipped with a magnetic face to which the phone securely attaches.

Rounding out Narva’s new range is the Wireless Charging Suction Mount Phone Holder. This one is designed to mount directly to the windscreen using the suction cup and can easily be removed when not in use by pressing the quick release function at the base of the holder. The phone itself is secured in the holder using two pinch tabs.

Narva’s new Wireless Chargers are available from leading automotive, recreational and transport outlets nationwide at prices starting from approximately $59.00 incl. GST.