Projecta Workshop Battery Manager HDBM4000 all-in-one solution

2016 Projecta Workshop Battery Manager HDBM4000

Mechanical  workshops have to be versatile these days and able to service and maintain a  wide array of equipment, from passenger cars and motorcycles to commercial  vehicles and even farm machines and boats, particularly if based away from the  major cities.

The diverse nature of the  vehicles sees them use a variety of different battery types, including deep  cycle, AGM, Gel, Calcium, Marine, Stop/Start and Starting, often requiring that  each workshop use a number of battery chargers/managers to best suit the  various requirements.

Projecta’s new HDBM4000,  8-stage 6/12/24V 3-40A workshop battery manager addresses this by catering to  all the mentioned vehicle and battery types in a clever, single unit, providing  an all-in-one solution for battery testing, charging and maintenance.

Unlike conventional 40A  workshop chargers, the Projecta unit is light and compact while still featuring  a tough housing to meet the demands of tough service centre environments.

Simple to use, once  connected to the battery the HDBM4000 automatically sets an ideal charge rate  (3-40A) and is also manually adjustable if required.  With multi-chemistry battery selection, including  a cold temperature mode, the advanced eight-stage charging program can help  rejuvenate sulphated batteries and remove acid stratification from calcium  batteries, ensuring a full charge and optimum battery condition.

As well as its superior  charging functions, the HDBM4000 analyses overall battery condition, testing  charge level and starting capacity while also checking for alternator faults.

As a power source it can  deliver clear and stable power during diagnostic testing ensuring accurate readings  and if battery placement is needed, it maintains a constant voltage to ensure  vehicle memory settings are retained.

Another great feature of  the HDBM4000 is a clever engine start mode which delivers a short and powerful  charge that can have a vehicle ready to start in five minutes, while a  ‘showroom mode’ allows the unit to operate silently if charging at night or in  a quiet environment.

All functions are controlled  via simple three button operation, with a large and easy-to-read LCD interface  displaying all operational information for the technician.

The unit comes standard  with three metre leads and battery clamps, but longer leads of six metres and  ten metres are available at additional cost if required.  Also available is a docking station bracket  that allows fast and efficient mounting of the unit and neat stowage of its  leads.

Projecta’s new HDBM4000 is  ideal for the commercial workshop, fleet depot or vehicle dealership.  The unit can be purchased at all leading  transport, automotive and four wheel drive outlets throughout Australia.