Projecta Releases IDC25 Intelli-Charge dual battery charger

2016 Projecta Intelli-Charge DC-Solar Battery Charger

Projecta  has unveiled its class-leading IDC25 ‘Intelli-Charge’ 25A 9-32V, 3 Stage  DC/Solar Battery Charger, providing operators with a host of intelligent features,  for safer and more reliable charging.

The unit is the most  advanced of its type currently available on the Australian market, allowing  owners to reap the benefits of a 3 Stage charge of 12V secondary/auxiliary deep  cycle batteries, while ‘on the go’.

A key feature is the  unit’s ability to charge simultaneously from both solar and alternator (9-32V)  inputs without the need to manually switch from one power source to the other.

IDC25 can also function as  an MPPT (Maximum Power Point Tracking) solar controller up to 25A, maximising  the power generated from solar panels.

And when operating on  vehicle power, the unit offers dual charging modes for compatibility with both  ‘smart’ and conventional alternators, making it ideal for use in just about  every vehicle.

For greater flexibility,  the charger supports multi-chemistry batteries including GEL, AGM, WET and  Calcium.  As an added bonus, the unit has  periodic equalisation capability to remove acid stratification from calcium  batteries.

Assisting the IDC25’s  performance is an over temperature protection function, which sees the charger  automatically adjust its output based on battery temperature.  This allows the unit to operate (at a reduced  charge rate) in extreme temperatures of up to 80° C without damaging the  battery.

Other safeguards include  over and under voltage protection, which shuts down the charger if voltage  problems are detected, and spark-free protection which prevents the charging  process from beginning unless the load is securely connected.

These features prevent  accidental damage to batteries and when combined with the unit’s in-built  reverse connection protection, provide an extremely safe and robust product  well suited to the rigours of long distance touring and off road applications.

Further aiding the IDC25’s  performance and longevity is its sturdy construction which makes it shock,  vibration and dust-proof. Sealed to IP67, the unit is also water resistant,  making it ideal for both in-vehicle and under-bonnet installation.

If mounted under the  bonnet, included in the package is additional wiring to set-up an in-cabin  L.E.D. indicator to remotely display charging and fault status.  Also assisting installation is labelled and pre-wired  cabling.

Projecta’s new ICD25  Charger is backed by a 2-year warranty and can be purchased at all leading  transport, automotive and four wheel drive outlets throughout Australia.