Narvas New Plus 60 Globes

Narva Plus 60 H7 Globes

Leading  automotive lighting and electrical company, Narva, has launched its new range  of Plus 60 performance 12 volt headlamp globes, providing a cost effective  upgrade to OEM lighting across a wide variety of cars, trucks and motorcycles.

As the name suggests, the  globes offer 60 per cent more light on the road compared to standard halogen  globes while remaining street-legal and complying with all ADR  requirements.  This translates to an  impressive white light output which shines a beam 20 metres longer than  conventional globes.

The Plus 60’s bright light  output can reduce driver eye fatigue and improve safety by increasing road  visibility, particularly useful in winter months when the nights are darkest  and natural light at its lowest.

The Plus 60 globe is a  replacement for its predecessor, the Plus 50, and while it offers improved  performance, there is no increase in power draw and the globes remain entirely  safe for use with polycarbonate headlamp lenses.

As well as providing  greatly enhanced light output compared to standard halogen globes, the Plus 60  globes deliver longer life leading to reduced running costs particularly in vehicles  that spend extended periods driving at night such as trucks and taxis.

The Plus 60 globes are  available in a number of variants including H1, H4 and H7. For vehicles using  H3, HB3 and HB4 globes, the Narva Plus 50 globes will remain.

The broad range Narva’s  globes are available from leading  automotive, four wheel drive and commercial vehicle outlets nation-wide.  The new Plus 60 globes are affordably priced  from a RRP of approximately $29.00 per pair.