New Yamaha TMAX 530

New TMAX 530 Takes It To The MAX
YMA has released the new TMAX 530, a model that delivers an enhanced version of the TMAX experience. Opening a new chapter in the sports scooter book, the TMAX 530 grabs attention like never before.

Beneath the aggressive new fairing, a radically redesigned aluminium chassis and 530cc engine provide the new TMAX 530 with a combination of smooth, ultra-direct acceleration and best-ever torque from a standing start.

Handling and stability have also been improved, with weight distribution and balance now more like a motorcycle than ever, for instinctive, ultraprecise turning, every time.

Make no mistake, this is still a TMAX. In fact, it’s the purest TMAX riding experience yet.

TMAX: the legend continues

In 2001, the original TMAX announced a new era in scooter riding. A scooter like no other, it established an entirely new category: the Sports Maxi-Scooter.

The idea behind the TMAX was to combine the performance, handling and speed of a motorcycle, with the convenience and practicality of a Maxi- Scooter. This unique proposition made the TMAX an immediate hit. Experienced riders with a love of prestige styling and sporty performance, quickly came to enjoy its versatile, dynamic riding style. A fun-filled commuter during the week and an enjoyable ride for a weekend getaway,the TMAX was just as at home in the countryside as it was on busy city streets – either with a passenger or without.

While successive models of the TMAX have continuously evolved since 2001 – setting new benchmarks for performance and handling – the core concept of the TMAX has always remained the same: combining the performance of a motorcycle and the convenience of a scooter.

TMAX 530 doesn’t deviate from that formula: it improves it – in a host of new, exciting ways.

More power

One ride on the new TMAX 530 will convince any rider that the scooter’s improvements can’t be conveyed in spec numbers alone. From the noticeably smoother, direct acceleration feeling, to the instant, powerful response delivered by the engine, it offers boosted levels of excitement that have to be experienced to be believed.

This TMAX 530 evolution starts with a new 4- stroke, DOHC, in-line 2-cylinder, 4-valve, 530cc fuel-injected engine with continuously variable transmission (CVT). Compared to its predecessor, this new engine delivers extremely strong torque in the low to mid-speed range, achieving a significant increase in torque output.

This remarkable torque is achieved by an engine full of lighter, more efficient components, including forged aluminium pistons with optimised valve recess; a pent roof type combustion chamber with optimised squish area; and a new cam profile. A lightweight aluminium balancer sleeve is used in place of a steel sleeve. This balancer system is optimised to reduce horsepower loss, using a vent to eliminate pumping effect. Similar vents in the inner walls of the crankcase reduce pressure.

The result? A noticeable boost in acceleration in the 40-90 km/h speed range. It’s an improvement riders will feel every time they power away from the lights, or effortlessly pass rush-hour traffic.

To better accommodate the new engine, all-new intake and exhaust systems are used. Instead of aluminium, the intake manifold is constructed from lightweight plastic resin. Other changes include a 34mm diameter throttle bore, longer exhaust pipe, and new silencer.

Such serious levels of torque are reflected in a new, higher-capacity wet sump design, and a redesigned CVT unit, with new build materials, a new belt chamber cooling system, new optimised speed ratios, and an updated fuel injection system. Thanks to these extensive changes, riders don’t just get the thrill of powerful acceleration; they get a sensation of effortless, fluid driveability, across the whole power band.

The secondary drive features a new belt drive mechanism, clearly visible at the rear of the scooter: a Yamaha world-first in this class. With virtually no play in the belt, power delivery is more linear, the throttle is more connected with the engine, and the rider also feels closer to the machine. Constructed from lightweight aramid fibre – famed for its excellent tensile strength, durability, shock resistance and anti-corrosion qualities – the new belt drive further contributes to the reduction of unsprung weight, and the centralised mass that gives the TMAX its unique, motorcycle-style handling.

More like a motorcycle: reduced weight and adjusted weight distribution

At the heart of the TMAX 530 is a die-cast aluminium frame, with optimised rigidity balance, that lets riders enjoy the full effect of the 530cc engine and CVT transmission. Weight distribution follows a pattern similar to that of a motorcycle, with the engine rigidly mounted within the frame, using newly-refined steel parts, and a low-sitting fuel tank.

In total, the scooter has lost approximately 4kg in weight: this is largely thanks to a new die-cast aluminium swing arm, with separate right and left halves. The swingarm incorporates a chain tensioner identical to those used on Supersport models, which further helps optimise the rigidity balance that is so crucial to this scooter’s exciting, sporty performance.

Combined, these design elements deliver best-ever weight distribution towards the front wheel and noticeably improve handling; riders can follow their intended line with stability and ease, even through the tightest corners. Similar to a motorcycle, TMAX 530 is also incredibly responsive: by providing riders with precise feedback from the road, it allows for an enhanced level of control.

More braking power, ultraresponsive suspension

With a scooter as powerful as the TMAX, reliable, effective braking is essential. A large diameter 282 mm rear disc brake is added to TMAX 530, working in combination with dual 267mm front disc brakes and the TMAX’s famous 4-pot front caliper.

TMAX 530 suspension lifts both handling and comfort to new levels, with excellent cornering, stability and overall feel. The cushioned ride provided by the strong rear shock is complemented by motorcycle-style telescopic front forks: highly resistant to twisting, they keep the front wheel tracking straight and true in various road conditions.

Aggressive, high-prestige style

Visually, the new TMAX 530 refines its signature blend of distinctive, streamlined design and functionality. Now the look is sportier, tougher and edgier than any TMAX to date; in short, it’s more TMAX than ever,

New TMAX 530 Takes It To The MAX

Newly shaped, streamlined body panels are combined with new aggressive front end styling, which provides ample room for the re-styled, symmetrically shaped dashboard and new rear-view mirrors, which reduce the effects of turbulence and vibration. The completely new, modern instrument panel shows every piece of key ride information at a glance. Dual, polygon-shaped analogue counters make striking additions to the dashboard: the speedometer on the left side, the tachometer on the right. The dashboard is also backlit, for excellent visibility.

Yamaha’s instantly recognisable ‘twin eye’ projector headlights with subreflectors are more compact, yet more efficient, and they complement the distinctive, angular front flashers. Meanwhile, an accent line above the headlights creates the appearance of a ‘face’: the distinctive Yamaha touch. A new LED tail lamp is taken from Yamaha’s flagship Supersport bikes, emphasising the TMAX 530’s sporty DNA.

Underlining the scooter’s versatile and sporty character – the exciting city commuter that’s more than capable of opening up on the open road – is a new aerodynamic 2-step adjustable windscreen, which can be adjusted to suit riding conditions. Despite being smaller than the screen on its predecessor, a sophisticated design allows it to achieve identical levels of air resistance and wind noise, for total rider comfort.

Additional modifications include new, dynamic-looking 5-spoke wheels and a high-quality, forged aluminium side stand, which helps keep overall weight down.

The visual ‘boomerang’-shaped line, running from front to rear, is as distinctive as ever. Luxurious levels of comfort remain the standard, with wraparound fairing providing protection from the elements, and a sporty seat providing an optimal, active riding position with the flexibility to move. Grab rails, fold-out footrests and redesigned rear panels ensure that a passenger travels with new levels of comfort and confidence. Multiple gloveboxes and underseat storage provide substantial luggage space.

Yamaha Genuine Accessories

TMAX owners can customise their TMAX 530 with a range of Yamaha Genuine Accessories.

When larger quantities of luggage are required – for example, on a weekend away – a 39L top case with inner bag can be fitted, using a dedicated rear carrier in black and silver. These top cases can be opened using a dedicated key or one-key operation, which allows users to operate both case and scooter using the same key. A 22L console bag is also available.

For additional passenger comfort, a back rest with matching cushion is available in two colours: matt black or silver for the stay, and black or titanium-colour for the cushion. A stylish, comfortable designer seat comes in black and silver with red stitching, and features an embossed TMAX logo.

Riders can add an additional sporty touch with a sport screen in transparent or dark smoked colouring, or attach their own GPS using a dedicated GPS stay. An apron offers protection from the elements in cold or rainy weather, while an engine cover (sold per piece) and belt cover (available in two colours) add a stylish extra layer of vehicle protection on the move.

Other accessories include aluminium foot panels, a stylish licence plate holder with red TMAX logo, a 12V DC outlet, a grip heater for cold days, and battery chargers.

2013 TMAX 530 key features at a glance
•NEW: increased engine displacement with 4-stroke, 2-cylinder 530cc engine
•NEW: redesigned CVT unit for increased driveability
•NEW: lightweight belt drive and aluminium swing arm, saving weight and redistributing weight frontward, for more engaged, motorcycle-style riding
•NEW: increased torque for acceleration and response
•NEW: enlarged, 282 mm rear disc brake
•NEW: dynamic, aggressively angular styling announces the next evolution of TMAX
•NEW: forged aluminium side stand, LED tail light, reshaped rear view mirrors, and 5-spoke wheels
•NEW: more compact, aerodynamic 2-step adjustable windscreen
•NEW: striking dashboard design with separate analogue speedometer and tachometer
•Strong, lightweight die-cast aluminium frame with optimised rigidity balance
•Large diameter wheels with wide tyres for stability and handling
•Motorcycle telescopic front forks and strong rear suspension
•Dual seat with passenger grip for comfort

TMAX 530 is available in eye-catching Sonic Grey with a matt finish at RRP (inc GST) $12,999.

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