Polaris launches generator range in Australia

Polaris POWER - The New Name in Quality Power Generation
Polaris is the market leader in Australia* with their class leading ranges of ATV’s and Side x Side off road vehicles, best known to the rural and recreation community. Now Polaris is becoming known in the portable power market with a quality range distributed through their Nation-wide dealer network and on-line with a superb service and support strategy.

“The generator market is now growing very quickly and new models are constantly being added, if you choose a portable generator for yourself, I would recommend paying attention to this rating of portable generators, it brings together industry leaders and provides adequate comparison and overview.”

Polaris POWER provides a range of portable digital inverter generators, built for an outdoor lifestyle and are tested to the same rigorous standards as every Polaris product. Their P1000i, P2000i and P3000iE models are easy-to-use and provide hours of clean, quiet, inverted power, which means they deliver a stable level of voltage anytime and anywhere.

All Polaris POWER inverter generators are designed to encapsulate the most important factors when considering a quality work and camping generator. The result is a range that is…
•Fuel Efficient
•Highly Portable
•And has a 3-Year Limited Warranty

Polaris POWER - The New Name in Quality Power Generation

The Polaris P1000i is light and compact, with 2 handles ergonomically designed to make the unit easy to transport and carry. Weighing a mere 16.51 kilograms, it is exceptionally fuel efficient with one tank of petrol allowing it to run for over 10 hours at 25% load. With a maximum AC output of 1000 watts, the P1000i is the perfect addition to power smaller electronics, such as a TV, laptop or running small appliances and some lights when camping. Additionally, this generator is parallel capable, enabling 2 units to be connected together for even more output when needed. The price is just $899 including freight Australia wide.

Polaris POWER - The New Name in Quality Power Generation

The Polaris P2000i shares many of the features found on the P10001 such as 10 hour running time at 25% load, parallel capable and fuel shut-off incorporated in the off-switch. Featuring quiet operation and 2000 watt maximum AC output, the P2000i includes duel 240v outlets and a 12V DC outlet. It is the ideal all-around model because it fits most portable power needs. Weighing just 24.18 kilograms it is extremely portable and the perfect addition to your next camping trip. The price is just $1699 including freight Australia wide.

The Polaris P3000i is extremely robust and able to tackle almost any job. With a maximum AC output of 3000 watts, it has enough power for any outdoor activity and offers a 30 amp outlet for higher output needs, such as a standby power source during a storm outage. It also features convenient electric start (with pull-start backup), for minimal effort and offers a run time of over 21 hours at 25% load. It’s locking wheels and rugged handles make transportation and maneuvering simple. Priced at just $3199 including freight Australia wide.

All Polaris Power models feature convenience factors such as 240V AC and 12VDC outlets, Fuel-Shut incorporated in the on-off switch, Dual handles for easy lifting and for securing during transport, low noise output, long running times, low-level oil warning light with auto-shutdown and efficient digital inverter technology. Every model has been developed and tested under the vigorous and uncompromising Polaris quality standards.

Each model is provided with a simple to follow “Quick Start Guide” and engine oil. Simply top up the oil, add unleaded fuel (not supplied) and you are ready to power up. Servicing can be undertaken by any Polaris dealer or suitably qualified technician experienced in small engines and generators. All shipping and services provided to customers are managed and conducted within Australia.