Projecta Expands Versatile Folding Solar Panel Kit Range

Projecta Folding Solar Panel Kit SPM180K Time off the beaten track  doesn’t mean forgoing life’s little luxuries, following the introduction of  Projecta’s new 12V 180W folding solar panel kit.

The latest release expands  on Projecta’s existing 80W and 120W variants, and along with the extra power,  introduces a host of new features designed to increase product longevity,  ease-of-use and versatility.

The 180W kit is ideal for  powering large appliances such as fridge/freezers, camping lights, radios and  televisions without reliance on mains power. It features seven  scratch-resistant Monocrystalline solar panels with protective mat coating to  improve durability and scratch resistance while delivering 11A peak current.  For superior strength and reduced weight, the  solar panels’ backing is constructed from tough-wearing fibreglass.

New to this model is a  solar controller that delivers a multi-stage charge and multi-chemistry technology,  that allows the user to set the charging profile to suit the battery chemistry  type (Gel, AGM, Wet and Calcium).

Projecta Folding Solar Panel Kit SPM180K

The controller helps  maintain batteries in peak condition, protecting against overcharging and solar  charge while providing the owner with information on Volts, Amps and Amp Hours  via the backlit LCD display.

The Amp display allows the  user to position the panel at the optimum angle to the sun to ensure peak power  generation, while the Amp Hour reading provides accurate tracking of how much  solar power has been generated that day, allowing the user to calculate how  much charge remains in the battery.

The kit uses a frameless  design with soft edges and is travel-safe, unlike some competitor products  there are no sharp aluminium edges to worry about.

Despite its high power  rating and generous size once set-up, the kit folds neatly into a compact 38cm  x 56cm canvas bag and tips the scales at only 8kg ensuring it won’t take up  valuable load space.

Setting up the solar kit  is a breeze.  A single collapsible pole  is used to align the panels while the traditional legs hold the panels in place  and angled towards the sun.

The kit also comes with a  handy 5-metre lead with battery clips allowing the panels to be set-up in full  sunlight while the vehicle or caravan remains in the shade.

The revised bag layout  incorporates the solar controller, legs and leads onto the back of one of the  panels, ensuring all components are kept together and easy at hand during  set-up.

For added peace of mind, the 180W  kit comes a 5-year performance warranty along with a 2-year structural  warranty.

Projecta’s exciting range of folding  solar panel kits are available nation-wide from leading camping, caravanning  and 4×4 accessories outlets.