Projecta INTELLI-CHARGE range now suitable for Lithium batteries

Projecta’s INTELLI-CHARGE (IC) range is now more versatile than ever, following the inclusion of a new Lithium-specific charging algorithm, in addition to their Wet, AGM, Gel and Calcium battery profiles.

Projecta INTELLI-CHARGE range now suitable for Lithium batteries

This flexibility means that owners now only require a single battery charger, no matter what type of automotive batteries they have. It also allows users to confidently update to more modern batteries such as Lithium, without the extra expense of purchasing a Lithium-specific charger. While it is possible to use a lead acid charger with a Lithium battery, the process is not great for the battery lifecycle, while charging also needs to be closely monitored for safety.

As well as being versatile and ultra-reliable, the latest Projecta IC range provides a high-quality charge that prolongs battery life; this is achieved through either a 5-stage (Lithium only) or 7-stage charging profile, which is automatically selected depending on the battery type that’s being charged.

Projecta INTELLI-CHARGE range now suitable for Lithium batteries

Projecta INTELLI-CHARGE Models

There are 11 models available within the upgraded INTELLI-CHARGE IC line-up, ranging from units that are suitable for charging the smaller batteries found in motorcycles, personal watercraft and ride-one mowers, all the way through to the large batteries used by heavy commercial vehicles and buses. The chargers also feature adjustable output*, meaning that even the most powerful units can charge smaller batteries – charge rates can be set as low as 2A with the IC7 and IC7W capable of being set even lower at 1A.

The IC range also offers a power supply mode* where the chargers can be used to provide a constant voltage of 13.8VDC – this mode is best used where appliances like fridges are draining power from the battery, or for replacing a vehicle battery without resetting the ECU.

In the larger IC models (25A and higher), the chargers come with a sleek and modern remote control** that can be flush or surface mounted. The remote features a fully functional control panel and LCD screen, providing the same functions as found on the chargers themselves. Aside from the IC100L, all the INTELLI-CHARGE range also feature removable battery clamps that allow for permanent installation such as in caravans or camper trailers.

Such is Projecta’s confidence in the quality and reliability of the upgraded IC range, that it has increased the product warranties, with a revised 3-year replacement warranty now applying with minimal terms and conditions. Projecta’s new INTELL-CHARGE range is available from leading automotive, camping, caravanning and four-wheel driving outlets nationwide.
For full application details and charging capabilities, see the accompanying selection guide image.

*Excludes IC100L.
**Excludes IC25W.