Projecta IP2000 – 2000W Intelli-Wave pure sine wave inverter

Projecta IP2000

Projecta has enhanced its  top-of-the-range IP2000, 2000W ‘Intelli-Wave’ pure sine wave inverter, to now  incorporate a number of innovative new features, ensuring safe and seamless  operation of 240V appliances on the go.

Among the new additions is  a Residual Current Device (RCD) safety switch. The RCD Switch detects if there  is an earth leakage and will automatically disconnect all power sockets,  providing protection from electrocution in a similar manner to a safety switch  in the home.

For added peace of mind,  the IP2000 meets the Australian Standards for AS4763 (Portable Inverters) and  AS3001 (Caravan Installation).

The new IP2000 now also  supports up to 3600W of power output when connected to an AC mains power source  and is easily capable of handling multiple, high-drawing appliances. As an  added bonus, the IP2000 can operate directly from the AC mains source without a  DC battery connected.

Retaining its automatic AC  transfer switch, changing from battery to mains power  is virtually seamless – the device has been engineered to wait three seconds  for the power to be steady before switching in a super-fast 20 millisecond  (0.02seconds) change-over.  This process  guarantees smooth change-over and minimises interruption when running  appliances such as televisions and computers.

Included as standard with  the new model – along with IP600 and IP1000 variants – is a remote control unit  with LCD display, which provides information about the battery voltage, power  usage and load capacity.  The remote also  allows the inverter to be installed out-of-sight with all the other electrical  appliances such as chargers and batteries, but it can still be conveniently  controlled.

The Intelli-wave range of  pure sine wave inverters allows users to operate the most sensitive of  electrical appliances such as computers, televisions medical equipment, gaming  consoles, fluorescent lighting and more, static and interruption-free.

Projector’s new IP2000,  2000W ‘Intelli-Wave’ pure sine wave inverter is available from leading  transport, automotive, four wheel drive and boating outlets throughout  Australia.