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Chloe Fraser – Former editor Chloe has followed her passion for brand management within the industry however still keeps her hand in on the occasional weekend away camping. She still provides editorial support. She has completed a Bachelors degree in Business Studies and works for one of the automotive manufacturers. Chloe has a strong background in English in which she developed a passion for writing. Chloe has grown up with the influence of cars, first learning to drive on the farm at 11 and her interest has heightened since she gained her license. Driving a new car to school every week made her the envy of all her male friends, especially when the car was something special. Chloe has participated in a number of driving courses and brings a unique perspective that is lacking elsewhere.

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  1. What a fun topic to get to comment on! My family, (4 young kids, me, husband and 2 dogs) camp at least once a month through the fall and spring. Summer is out of the question in Texas! We treasure each trip out. Some helpful tips that have made my life easier I’d love to share. -I have a master packing list on the computer, before each trip I print, use it while packing, and take it along to jot down anything else that will be helpful for next time. -We have a huge number of people and dogs for one minivan! Packing smartly is a must. I have each kid bring the prescribed amount of clothes/personal necessities, and they go in a collapsible fabric basket in the tent, and if their clothes are not on their person, they need to be in there or in the dirty clothes bag. Really cuts down on clutter in the tent. We also have tubs for kitchen stuff, dry goods, etc. -Chop, cook, combine whatever you can at home and haul it out there in ziplocs. I love to cook, but when we’re camping, nothing is better than dumping a bunch of ziplocs in the dutch oven and making something delicious! -I also do the separate coolers for food/drinks thing. Way more convenient. -Instead of buying ketchup and mustard to keep in our camping bins, we save the leftover packets from the drive thru and keep them handy. -always bring a roll of toilet paper and a roll of paper towels. You never know how well equipped the facilities may be. -plan your menu in advance but be prepared to adjust. If it pours down rain make sure your meal can be cooked on a coleman stove and not just the campfire. Plan as much as you can beforehand, and be prepared for it to change! It seems like a lot of work, but it is most definitely worth it! Have fun

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