INEOS Grenadier 4X4 2024 Review – everything you need to know

Complete guide to the INEOS Grenadier 4WD

INEOS Grenadier 4WD Wagon 2024 Review

INEOS Grenadier is an all new 4WD Wagon that has been developed from a concept on the back of a five-pound note to reality in about 4-5 years.

Ineos Grenadier 2024 Towing a caravan on the beach 1

It’s been released in Australia and has already had over 800 vehicles delivered to pre order customers.

I went along to the first Australian drive day and walked away really impressed.

The Grenadier is old school meets modern technology in looks and functionality and interior.

With the changing automotive world, vehicles like the Grenadier are becoming fewer.

Its closest comparison would be the Land Rover Defender (the new one) or the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon.

It’s a bit like the Mercedes Benz G Wagon and nothing like the Toyota LC76 Wagon. And yet it is in its philosophy.

They feature award-winning engines, a ladder-frame chassis, permanent four-wheel-drive, solid beam axles and up to three locking differentials.

The design philosophy is to keep it simple yet functional.

The line “Everything you need and nothing you don’t want” was used many times during the launch.

This translates to reducing the amount of unnecessary electronics and circuits. The original design brief however, met with global bureaucracy, and some compromise resulted.

But they are true to the principles.

“The idea behind the Grenadier is to develop an uncompromising, no frills, no fuss 4X4 that provides the best-in-class of-road capability, durability, and utility. It will support those who depend on a vehicle as a working tool, wherever they are in the world. INEOS Automotive set out a vision to build the world’s best utilitarian 4X4, and we have done just that.”

Sir Jim Ratclife, INEOS Chairman and founder of INEOS Automotive

INEOS Grenadier launch video

INEOS Grenadier model walk

There are three models currently available in two different seating configurations.

There is the utility wagon with two front seats and plenty of room behind

Then there is the station wagon with five seats.

A dual Cab Ute version the Quartermaster is coming in the first half of 2024.

Model variants are Wagon, Wagon Trialmaster and Wagon Fieldmaster.

The Trialmaster version is aimed at the more extreme 4WD adventurer.

Pricing ranges from $109,000 through to $123,000 plus the usual costs

Buyers have a choice of two engines. Pricing is the same for both.

Both are sourced from BMW and are their robust in line six-cylinder petrol and diesel engines. More on that later.

On top of that there is a few different option packs and other accessories buyers can order. It all adds up to the ability to almost personalise your vehicles.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD track 2

What does the INEOS Grenadier look like?

First impressions are like a box on wheels at each corner, but a stylish box.

From the front you could be forgiven for mistaking it for a Defender or a G Wagon. It has that raised central bonnet with two side platforms. incidentally, these can be stood on with an 90kg rating as they are and with the composite checker plate panels that raises to 150kg.

There are two single LED headlights with DRLS included. Int the middle grill there are two driving lights. We didn’t get a chance to assess them on the drive.

Along the side there are utility rail bump strips which form a beltline and allow for accessory attachment. A practical system that adds a layer of cool as well.

Roof rails have heavy duty tie down rails. There is a side gutter which allows for the fitment of Rhino Rack modular system. Simple drain holes would prevent muck and water accumulating there on stationary vehicles.

The roof rails also hide inbuilt power outlets, prewired Deutsch Connectors.

The rear doors are a 70/30 barn style; however, both need to be opened if you really want to put anything back there.

The spare tyre is mounted on the rear barn door and can come with an optional lockable storage bin. A handy and strong ladder is mounted on the smaller door. It has round rails for strength, but as we all know they can be harsh on the feet at times.

The square back, high roof line ensures maximum capacity for the wagons.

Both front and rear bumpers are steel, in three piece sectional design, so replacing a portion if damaged is easy.

The roof has a 230kg dynamic and 430kg static weight rating. That’s awesome!

Overall, I’m a fan of the style. Its rugged, functional, and cool.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD interior front 1

What about inside the INEOS Grenadier?

Different, quite different.

First up the seats are Recaro, so they are comfortable. They are also supportive for larger bear style occupants like me which I’m happy about. The leather ones are heated, fabric not.

The minimalist design philosophy means that they are manually adjusted and no additional electronic adjustable lumbar support for my ageing back. That is one of a few areas where I miss the electronics.

The thick rimmed steering wheel is clad in optional saddle leather for wear and to develop a used patina over time. There is height and reach adjustment but its slightly limited. The steering wheel feels pleasant to hold.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD steering wheel with toot button

It comes with most of the usual control functions. One feature I like is the dual horn system. The main horn gives a hefty blast and there is a polite ‘toot’ function for those more civilised encounters.

In front of the steering wheel is a small thin digital screen, which lights up like a Christmas tree on staring and tells the driver if the car is in 4WD etc as you go.

It misses one critical input though and I’ll get to that shortly.

Sitting in the front seat there is ample headroom and seat travel for my bear like frame. There is however a raised left foot support platform. It’s there for a reason but is a touch restrictive for my long legs. Shorter drivers won’t even notice it.

Flooring is mostly heavy-duty rubber mats, there are carpet mats as well and the Fieldmaster can come with a full carpet floor.

I’m not a fan of the overhead individual safari windows in the Fieldmaster. Even though they are tinted they allow way too much heat transfer into the cabin, and you can’t touch them. A slide screen would make these more practical. Or simply leave them out altogether.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD interior front roof controls

Are we flying an airplane?

Yep, that is often the first thing people will ask.

Given that there is an overhead switch panel, it’s a fair question. I guess that owners will become familiar with it.

This houses all of-road switchgear and functions such as the Of-Road and Wading Modes, the (when optioned) axle differential lock buttons and Downhill Assist. As well as both standard and optional prewired auxiliary switches which can be used for options or accessories such as light bars.

The quality philosophy extends to having prewired accessory switches because it’s better to have that integral functionality rather than a lot of ad hoc after-market wiring additions.

However, on a first drive I found myself fumbling to find the appropriate switch, even though it is conveniently segmented into functional groupings. Looking up is again not the best for driver ergonomics.

This aviation switch theme translates to the central control stack as well.

There are lots of big switches and dials. From a tactile perspective the dial control knobs for the A/C and audio volume are a little loose and don’t have a resistive tactile feel.

That’s a just a personal thing, other drivers on the launch looked at me as if I were a little bonkers when I mentioned it.

Central touch screen.

On top of the that is a large 12.3-inch central screen that is again segmented. This is both touch and dial controlled. The dial being on the central transmission tunnel.

The sat nav relies of phone connectivity, which is at odds for a true 4WD, but it does have the availability of the pathfinder app to download your trip beforehand. I would use HEMA maps anyway.

Functionality extends to wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto. Wired charging though.

All driving information is in one place on the Grenadier’s Central Control System:

  • speed,
  • gear and fuel level,
  • through to tyre pressures,
  • maps,
  • media,
  • phonebook,
  • current bearing, co-ordinates,
  • steering angle,
  • vehicle attitude, and more are all displayed on the easy-to-control 12.3-inch touchscreen.

Here is my major beef with the Grenadier. The digital speedo is housed in the central screen. This has been around in a few cars before, like the MINI, some Tesla’s and an older Nissan X-Trail and a few others.

And EVERY TIME it’s simply poor driver ergonomics.

It means that the driver’s attention is diverted to check the speed. This is even more confusing, given that there is the small digital screen, clearly visible in front of the driver.

Please can we have a simple digital speed display in there Sir Jim.

What about the back seats and boot?

Rear seats are comfortable and spacious with scallops for raising the knees. Interesting though, there are no grab handles to assist with ingress.

The sturdy side steps or rock rails do help though.

Again, there is plenty of headroom, but given the dimensions there could have been more leg and knee room. However, its more than adequate for most situations. Also, its best for two not three back there, mainly because of the driveline tunnel.

There are rear A/C vents and some USB ports as well.

The rear outer seats feature ISOFIX/iSize child seat anchor points.

A clever design feature is the under-seat storage areas. On one side is the fuse box and main cranking battery. On the other side is an auxiliary battery and room for a single on-board compressor pump.

Rear doors open to a maximum of 102 degrees to reveal a 1255mm wide opening.

The boot area has the same multi fitting attachments as the side and that’s practical. There is an abundance of rigid plastic, which seems like it will get scratched easily. There is also inbuilt mounting points for a cargo barrier behind the first and second row of seats.

The rear seats fold in a 60:40 split but don’t fold flat, due to the under-seat storage, but like a few other areas, there is an optional rear drawer and floor kit coming that will allow a flat storage area and practical drawers.

The utility version only has the front two seats with cargo space behind.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD range 1

Grenadier Model features

Trialmaster Edition

  • Differential Locks Front and Rear
  • BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tyres
  • Pick-up Bed Liner
  • Park Assist Front
  • Power Heated Exterior Mirrors
  • Heated Windscreen Washer Jets
  • Lockable Central Stowage Box
  • Puddle Lamps and Ambient Door Lighting
  • Auxiliary Charge Points
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Alarm and Immobiliser
  • 17” Steel Wheel
  • Raised Air Intake
  • Exterior Utility Belt
  • Cargo Bay Utility Rails
  • Power Take-Of, 400W
  • Auxiliary Battery
  • High Load Auxiliary Switch Panel and Electrical Preparation
  • Compass with Altimeter

INEOS Grenadier 2024 with roof top tent

Fieldmaster Edition

  • Differential Locks Front and Rear
  • BFGoodrich All-Terrain T/A KO2 Tyres
  • Pick-up Bed Liner
  • Park Assist Front
  • Power Heated Exterior Mirrors
  • Heated Windscreen Washer Jets
  • Lockable Central Stowage Box
  • Puddle Lamps and Ambient Door Lighting
  • Auxiliary Charge Points
  • Advanced Anti-Theft Alarm and Immobiliser
  • 18” Alloy Wheel
  • Locking Wheel Nuts
  • Premium Sound System
  • Safari Windows
  • Leather Interior (Choice of Colours)
  • Heated Front Seats
  • Carpet Floor Mats
  • Compass with Altimeter

Given the degree of individualisation that is available I would suggest prospective buyers to visit the INEOS model configuration page for more details.

What about the engines, drivetrains etc.

INEOS went searching for ready-made solutions to these issues. They came away with some of the best the industry has to offer.

There is two BMW sourced Euro 6 in line3.0L Turbocharged six-cylinder engines, one petrol and one diesel. These are specifically tuned for the Grenadiers. Grenadier also uses extra cooling, fuel filtration and air filtration. There are two inline fuel filters and the diesel has a water separator as standard.

The petrol produces power of 210kW @ 4,750 rpm and torque of 450Nm from 1,750 – 4,000 rpm.

Fuel economy is rated at 12.6l/100k. This will do the 0-100km/h sprint in 8.6 seconds with a top speed of 160km/h.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD diesel engine 1

The diesel is a twin turbo and produces power of 183kW @ 3,250 rpm and torque of 550 Nm from 1,250 – 3,000 rpm.

Fuel economy is rated at 10.5L/100k. This will do the 0-100km/h sprint in 9.9 seconds and top speed of the same 160km/h.

The need for Ad Blue is a pain in the butt though.

Both these engines drive all four wheels through a full time, gear driven dual range 4WD system. The transmission is a heavy duty ZF 8 Speed AT. It matches the engine characteristics perfectly.

This ZF transmission has been around since 2008 and sits in hundreds of thousands of cars. For their deployment in the Grenadier, Magna-Steyr recalibrated and fine-tuned the gearboxes and added a heavy-duty torque converter specifically for off-road work.

Its good to see that the Grenadier chooses to have an old school second transmission lever for engaging Hi and Lo range 4WD. It engages with a solid clunk – nice. There is a specifically designed gear driven transfer case in the Grenadier. Another example of specific design and over engineering.

The transmission lever for the ZF is straight out of the BMW which is the push/pull style. I’m normally not a fan of this style of transmission lever but it works well in the Grenadier. A minor point is that the white colouring on the AT lever is different to the 4WD lever. That’s my OCD coming out sorry.

Note that the petrol engine is about 65kg lighter than the diesel which translates directly to a slightly higher payload.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD chassis and articulation 1

Chassis, steering and suspension.

The Grenadier has old school ladder frame chassis with a body bolted to it. Heavy duty solid beam axels are a heavier design, but more robust for serious 4WD adventures.

It also provides more wheel articulation. There is some concession to comfort with its suspension design, featuring progressive coil springs, robust anti-roll bars, and a sophisticated five-link setup, with a pair of longitudinal links either side of the axle and a Panhard rod.

The vehicle body is isolated from this strong ladder-frame chassis by eight chassis mounts that have been tuned to reduce body vibrations and noise and insulate passengers from intrusions in the road.

It also has old school style steel front and rear bumpers that are three sectioned for ease of repairs.

On road ride is smooth and quiet. Its no sports SUV but it’s better than the old Defender style vehicle. Its nowhere near the new Defender, think more Jeep Wrangler.

Off road this set up excels.

Steering is recirculating ball layout that features hydraulic assistance. The Station and Utility Wagons have 3.85 turns between locks for a 13.5-metre kerb-to-kerb turning circle, while the Quartermaster with its longer wheelbase has a 14.5-metre kerb-to-kerb turning circle.

This higher turn ratio may seem to have slower response on road but comes into its own off road.

It does take a while to centre itself and feels slightly heavier than many will be used to. However, being old school myself I find it comforting.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD wheels tyres and brakes 1

Brakes and wheels and tyres

The Grenadier’s brake system has been designed and developed by Brembo. According to INEOS, they are engineered to deliver confidence-inspiring performance even with the Grenadier’s gross combined fully laden vehicle and maximum trailer weight of seven tonnes.

The Brembo system features 316 mm diameter vented front discs gripped by twin piston calipers, and 305 mm diameter rear solid discs and single piston calipers.

The Grenadier rides on traditional, hard-wearing 17-inch steel wheels as standard, with 18-inch steel, 17-inch alloy and 18-inch alloy options available.

All use a six-stud pattern with a 130 mm Pitch Circle Diameter (PCD) and are available with both Bridgestone and BFGoodrich tyres. All the vehicles we drove had the BFG KO2 All terrains.

The Bridgestone tyres are bespoke to the Grenadier. Owners can also choose locking wheel nuts to keep the wheels secure.

Quick note that the tyre air valves are steel. Just another piece of attention to detail.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD track 1

4WD System

As mentioned, the Grenadier runs a permanent 4WD system, with locking centre differential for hi-range 4WD. The centre diff can be left unlocked in both high and low range, handy for reversing the trailer etc.

Standard on Trialmaster models, and available on all other variants, the optional front and rear differential locks are electronically actuated with 100% mechanical engagement. They can only be operated in low range with the centre diff locked as well.

Manufactured by global engineering specialists Eaton Industries, these locks can be independently toggled from the overhead control panel and automatically disengage at higher speeds to protect the drivetrain.

The optional homologated, factory-fit high-performance front winch from NATO supplier Red Winches is strong, precision-engineered, and fully integrated into the front bumper. It’s been crash tested and the crash box that houses the winch is fully integrated as well.

If this option is chosen as a factory fitted, then INEOS will match the front springs of the extra weight. There are five front spring sets and six rear spring seats to choose from. These springs sets are fitted at the factory dependent upon the vehicle configuration.

The winch runs 13 metres of UHMWPE – Ultra High Molecular Weight Polyethylene synthetic rope – and delivers 5.5 tonnes of winching power.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD in mud and water 1

What about water?

The Grenadier is built to get muddy, and it can easily be washed down, inside, and out. Five interior drain valves mean owners can hose out the floor without concerns of damaging interior materials.

An official IP54K rating for critical cabin components – giving them protection from dust and water ingress – ensures the odd splash of mud or water will not damage the switchgear or electronics.

All vehicles come with a factory fitted snorkel. The wading mode (up to 800mm) switch ensures that the thermos fan is switched off to prevent damage, it will stop sending power from the alternator and it will take away the seat belt warning, unlock the doors and limit the speed of the vehicle to 18km/h

All the doors are double sealed for greater prevention of water ingress.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD track 3

Station And Utility Wagons – Key Figures

  • Ground clearance: 264 mm / 10.4 inches
  • Wading depth: 800 mm / 31.5 inches
  • Approach angle: 35.5˚
  • Ramp breakover angle: 28.2˚
  • Departure angle: 36.1˚
  • Maximum side angle limit: 45 ˚
  • Front axle articulation: 9˚
  • Rear axle articulation: 12˚
  • Wheel travel: 585 mm / 23 inches
  • Crawl ratio and speed: 53.81 and 1.26 mph / 2.04 km/h (petrol)
  • Crawl ratio and speed: 56.37 and 1.28 mph / 2.08 km/h (diesel)

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD track 4

What is it like to drive?

Firstly, on road, where they will spend most of their time.

Both these engines provide more than adequate performance. The combination of the engine and 8Sp ZF automatic is a practical and well-established pairing.

The upright front glass and tall windows allows for great all-round visibility. It also helps to keep the sun out.

The petrol is better for mostly on road performance. Its silky smooth and almost zippy. The diesel is no slouch though.

The steering ratios that are ideal for off road use seem a little slow on road, but you quickly adapt.

The weight of the vehicle and amount of sound deadening means that it feels planted and quiet on road.

I like the feel on road as it conveys purpose.

Off road is where the Grenadier likes to play.

Both engines are well set up for slow work. The solid beam axels ensure plenty of wheel articulation and old school 4WD engagement for low range is a bonus.

It has a solid feel and if you do get stuck the integrated NATO rated winch and 5 tonne rated recovery points front and back mean that recovery will be less problematic.

For the off-road section, we headed to the Lerderderg State Park, following the Ratcliff Track. This provided a range of driver engagement.

There were some interesting, mildly difficult sections, some steep rocky sections, some shallow water crossings, and plenty of places to test driver skill, wheel articulation and ground clearance.

In short, the Grenadier made it all too easy. At no stage would I even have contemplated engaging the diff locks. For most of the drive we were in High 4WD with the centre diff locked. We engaged low range a couple of times just to evaluate the downhill assistance and engine braking and gearing.

The box on wheels design benefits is apparent. Approach and departure angles were excellent and rampover kept everything off the rocks.

Only once did a compatriot drop off a deep rock ledge and hit the rock rails. No damage even though it was an almighty bang. Thankfully, we had the INEOS boss, Justin in the car at the time and he wasn’t fazed.

We drove the track both ways, once in the diesel and once in the petrol. The low torque delivery of the petrol engine is good off road. The diesel is better with all the control on the right foot as it should be.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD track 5

4WD with the diesel engine

The first time with the diesel, when heading down a particularly gnarly steep descent we engaged the downhill assist function. The Grenadier simply went about its business without even a hint of fuss.

Truly I had to check that we were in DAC only as there was not a sound of complaint from the brakes etc.

I must stress just how good it is.

Climbing out of the ravine the diesel again simply went about its business. I simply engaged low range and climbed out. There were twin diff locks bit no need to engage them. I remember thinking just how serious it would need to be to have to engage them if the Grenadier performed so effortlessly without them.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD track 6

4WD with the petrol engine

On the return trip I had the petrol in a vehicle that had no diff locks.

On the downhill section I simply went into low range, locked the transmission into manual 1st gear and let it crawl its way down. The engine braking was impressive.

Again, it was all too simple.

There are plenty of other 4WDs that would do the track easily, but not as easily as the Grenadier.

Up the other side I was interested to see if the traction control would start to kick in. I have to say slow, and steady was the formula and if it did, I truly didn’t notice it. There wasn’t one bit of wheel spin and the low and wide torque for the petrol engine surprised me with its performance.

What is light steering response on road is perfect off road.

Overall, the Grenadier in off road driving was outstanding. The steering was well weighted, and the suspension composed (That’s just for you Thomas).

INEOS Grenadier 2024 Towing a caravan on the outback dirt road 2


With a 3500kg tow weight and 350kg tow ball rating the INEOS Grenadier sits with the best of the markets 4WD wagons.

This is especially so considering the GCM is 7000kg.

It does come with a European 13 pin round electrical connector, so most Australian towers will need an adaptor.

But it comes with the standard tow hitch and 50mm ball. There is also a 500 amp NATO power outlet near the tow hitch for additional needs.

On the launch I drove both the petrol and diesel engine Grenadier’s with about 1700kg on the back of each.

To be honest there wasn’t much difference between them at that weight. Acceleration was still spritely with the low torque delivery of both motors. When underway the in-gear driving was a breeze. I would choose the diesel of course, but I would choose that for all applications.

The suspension barely moved with the weight. And as the Grenadier is heavy it coped well with the modest weight on the back.

There is however little room for a Hayman Reese style slide brake controller if that is what you prefer. With all the prewired gear the Grenadier has perhaps they could also do an integrated brake slider the same as the RAM 1500 has.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 front bonnet strength

Safety features

The Grenadier doesn’t have an ANCAP rating, and I doubt it will. That’s for a couple of reasons. One it’s a limited number vehicle and the ANCAP process is wildly expensive. With a 3550kg GVM it doesn’t have to either, clever that.

But more importantly, the keep it simple philosophy means that the developers eschewed several electronic circuits that drive safety systems like AEB, lane keep assist, blind spot monitors etc.

There is good and bad in this. Having no adaptive radar function on the cruise control is a blessing for me. As is the lack of intrusive lane keep assist and warning functions. I immediately turn these off in every vehicle when I can.

However, I did find myself missing the blind spot warning light. Must readjust the driving style and turn the head again.

Don’t think that the Grenadier is devoid of safety features though. There are the obligatory six airbags, child locks etc.

Standard Assistance Systems include:

  • Electronic Stability Control (ESC)
  • Electronic Traction Control (ETC)
  • Anti-lock Braking System (ABS)
  • Reversing camera
  • Off-Road, Wading modes.
  • Uphill Assist
  • Downhill Assist
  • Park Assist Rear (sensors)
  • Tyre pressure monitoring
  • Cruise control
  • Automatic Hazard Warning
  • Trailer Stability Assist

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD auzilliary battery and fuse box

INEOS Grenadier owner benefits

Being a completely new vehicle from a new manufacturer buyers will question things like warranty and after sales service. Also, what happens if owners break down in the bush.

Well, the warranty is a five-year unlimited kilometre warranty.

Service is 15,000 km intervals or 12 months. Pricing to be confirmed.

There are some 30 odd dealerships around Australia. These are expanding. There is currently a bit of a gap in the northwest region, around Broome and the west coast as well as deep in the heart of Australia. However, there is relationships in place with Bosch and other organisations for assistance if needed.

Also, the benefit if using existing parts like the BMW engines and ZF transmissions means that there is residual knowledge most places.

INEOS does have a 24/7/365 roadside assist programme.

My feeling is that the INEOS team are so committed to their product that they will go out of their way to ensure owners are well looked after.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 with roof top tent 2

What is good?

  • Looks cool.
  • 4WD Capability.
  • Comfortable to sit in and drive

What is not so good?

  • Speed display on central screen not in front of driver
  • Multitude of switches can become a bit overwhelming.
  • Can become expensive with long options list

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD track bull bar

Also look at.

The Grenadier is a bit of a loner.

But buyers could look at Jeep Wrangler, Toyota LC76, or the Land Rover Defender.

Obviously, there is the Toyota LC300, or the Nissan Patrol Warrior.

Other smaller 4WDs include Isuzu MU-XMitsubishi Pajero Sport, SsangYong RextonToyota Fortuner.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD track 7

INEOS Grenadier final thoughts

First impressions are that the Grenadier is a good piece of gear.

There you go, years of development, a billion EURO plus of development cost and I sum it up as a good piece of gear.

But it is. It feels almost over engineered. The mindfulness to the original philosophy is impressive.

It sits almost in its own little segment. Not as utilitarian as the LC76 or as plush as the new Defender.

The INEOS Grenadier is a robust, practical and purpose built, functional, true 4WD.

Its more an expedition vehicle for true adventures.

In the increasingly homogenised SUV and soulless EV world we seem to be moving towards, having 4WDs that are slightly flawed but full of personality, like the INEOS Grenadier is comforting.

It is a little expensive, but quality always comes with a price.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD engine 2

INEOS Grenadier


Grenadier Station Wagon

Model Price$110,000 MLP*
Engine3.0L 6 Cyl Twin Turbo diesel Euro 5
Drivetrain8 Sp ZF AT 4WD dual range
Battery Capacity / typeN/A
Power183kW @ 3,250 rpm (diesel)
Torque550Nm @ 1,250 – 3,000 rpm
Fuel ADR10.5L/100km
Fuel on TestTBA L/100km
Fuel capacity90L
Range (WLTP) / efficiencyTBA
Fast Charge / Home (240V)N/A
CO2 Emissions276g/km
0-100kmh/Top Speed9.8 Sec / 160 km/h
Warranty5yr/ Unlimited km with
Roadside Assist5Yr. conditional roadside assist

*MLP Includes GST and LCT but excluding statutory charges, dealer costs and dealer delivery. See your dealer for RDAP. Does not include price of options. Some features mentioned in the article are options. RDAP means Recommended Drive Away Price (without options but including all other charges)

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD interior front 2

Overall Rating    


Behind the Wheel8
Ride and Handling9
Fit for Purpose9
4WD / Towing10 (4WD 5 / Towing 5)
Value for Money9

*Towing and AWD capability is measured against similar vehicles in the same class.

INEOS Grenadier 2024 4WD interior compilation 1


Overall Length4896mm
Wheels18×8.0 Alloy
Tyres255/70 R18 LT BFG AT KO2
Max ground clearance264mm
Wading Depth800mm
Approach35.5 degrees
Rampover28.2 degrees
Departure angle36.1 degrees
Turning Circle KTK13.5m
Boot Capacity Min1152L
Boot capacity Max2035L
Battery WeightN/A
Kerb Weight2718kg
Payload (kg)833kg
GVM (kg)3550kg
Towing Capacity3500kg
Tow Ball rating250kg


September 2021 Update

INEOS Grenadier 4X4 is an odd vehicle in todays ever softening market of 4WD’s to SUV. It harks back to the old fashioned true 4WD with  modern technology. 

INEOS Grenadier 2B Tour 4WD testing 1Developed from a perceived gap in the market by  INEOS Chairman Jim Ratcliffe, a car enthusiast and experienced adventurer, who in 2017 believed there was demand for a stripped back, utilitarian, hard-working 4×4 engineered for modern day compliance and reliability. INEOS Automotive Limited was formed and a senior team of automotive professionals assembled to bring the vision to reality with a fresh perspective of 4×4 development and manufacturing.

However the Grenadier 4X4 isn’t the dream child of a hopeful designer, INEOS is a huge company, mainly in the petrochemical industry, so the backing pedigree is sound.

INEOS Grenadier 2B Tour 4WD testing 4

It looks eerily familiar yet totally individualistic and like all good ideas it was named after the pub that the idea was conceived in. Some of the best ideas in life come after a few too many drinks and turn out great. The INEOS Grenadier will be one of those I predict.

When you think of rugged true 4WD’s now the list is getting smaller. They include the Jeep Wrangler Rubicon, LandCruiser 70 series, Mercedes Benz G Wagon, a number of the recent dual cab 4WDs, the all new Defender (even though it has morphed from its original design) and you start to scratch your head.

The Australian office is headed up by a long term industry stalwart Justin Hocevar  which is a good thing as he understands the local conditions and needs. We had a zoom conference just last week where he outlined some plans for the release and support for the Australian market. Its a strong strategy with developing implementation and I’m guessing Justin and his team are working exceptionally long hours at the moment to bring the vision to fruition.

INEOS Grenadier 2B Tour 4WD testing 3

There are 2 test versions now in Australia as part of the 1.8m kilometres of testing that the vehicles will undertake before production commences at the former Mercedes-Benz site in Hambach in Germany.

Testing here in Australia will initially be at a private proving ground then throughout the harsh outback conditions. There are a few early adopters that have put their hands up to buy the Grenadier that will be lucky enough to drive the Grenadier and If i get a Guernsey Ill be sure to let all our readers know what it is like.

Lets have a quick look at some highlights we know so far.

  • Online reservations for the Grenadier open from 30 September for early ‘hand-raisers’ – prospective customers who expressed a strong interest in being among the first to buy a Grenadier – and from 14 October for all other interested buyers
  • Sales of the Grenadier will begin in July 2022
  • Australia gets RHD versions right from the initial production phase
  • There will be about 20 dealers Australia wide initially and more service centers through the BOSCH network.
  • Prices in Australia are expected to start from around AU$ 84,500 (RRP) for the base commercial model.
  • Prices in New Zealand are expected to start from around NZ$ 93,500 (RRP)
  • Looking for around 1,000 sales for the first year in Australia
  • Initially there is a 4 door wagon but also a dual cab Ute in the works as well.
  • As for future alternative fuel sources, well INEOS has signed an agreement with Hyundai to explore evaluation of Hyundai’s proprietary fuel cell system


Some brief details about the vehicle itself

  • Traditional 4WD ladder frame on chassis design
  • Suspension: Solid beam axles, coil springs, wheel articulation = 9° (Fr) & 12° (Rr)
  • Full time 4WD
  • Utilizing two BMW straight-six, twin-turbo, Petrol and Diesel engines:. (no price differential between choices)
    • Petrol specs (B58): Power = 285 PS / 281 HP, Max Torque = 450 Nm / 332 lb-ft
    • Diesel specs (B57): Power = 249 PS / 245 HP Max Torque = 550 Nm / 406 lb-ft
  • ZF 8-speed Automatic with manual override transmission
  • 17 or 18 inch wheels with choice of AT tyres
  • Accessories are coming

RHD INEOS Grenadier interior 1

We have previously showcased the interior, that looks a bit like the cockpit of a jumbo jet, but the design parameters are function over form. It looks practical and functional.

One of the benefits of designing a completely new vehicle is that there are zero legacy issues and the designers can go for best in class components that fit for purpose and that is the underlying design philosophy for the INEOS Grenadier 4WD.

INEOS Grenadier - retail concept (4)

Buyers have a choice of how to interact to buy their Grenadier, either on line or at an outlet. One thing I like is the philosophy of functional sales outlets that are not the typical brick and glass monoliths that have prevailed to date in the industry.

The Grenadier will come with a five-year/unlimited kilometre warranty in Australia and New Zealand, along with a five-year service plan to lock in ownership costs.

INEOS tells us that the Grenadier will be a truly uncompromising 4×4 built from the ground up. Engineered to overcome all conditions, it will provide best-in-class off-road capability, durability, and reliability to those who depend on a vehicle as a working tool, wherever they are in the world.

INEOS Grenadier 2B Tour 4WD testing 2

The prospect of a true dual range, rugged 4WD that meets the demands of enthusiasts yet has modern technology is enough to have buyers salivating. The only thing we currently have is the Landrover Defender and its an excellent vehicle. Lets hope the INEOS Grenadier provides competition and us 4WD enthusiasts will be the winners.

Stay tuned!