Iveco Partners With Sunliner to Launch New Daily 35s-Based Motorhomes

Iveco Sunliner Working with leading motorhome manufacturer, Sunliner, the Daily 35S cab chassis is being used by Sunliner as a platform for two of its smaller motorhome bodies, the ‘Pinto’ and ‘Switch’, offering buyers a more affordable entry point into motorhome ownership.

A changing demographic within the motorhome market has prompted IVECO to release a new Daily cab chassis variant in Australia, the 35S.

Sunliner Marketing Manager, Candice Brittain, said that while ‘grey nomad’ couples were once the mainstay of motorhome buyers, there was now an increasing number of customers who were choosing to travel alone.

“There has been a notable increase in recent years of buyers who are single but still wishing to travel and enjoy the motorhome lifestyle,” Mrs Brittain said.

Iveco Sunliner

“These buyers don’t need the larger space that a couple or family might need, but still prefer a motorhome rather than a caravan because a motorhome is easier to manoeuvre compared to a caravan, and because of the added security factor as there’s no need to leave the vehicle when they stop for the night.”

The Daily 35S has many of the same features as its larger 45C and 50C stablemates – which are widely used across Sunliner’s larger motorhomes – providing a range of specifications that are ideal for motorhome applications.

“There’s a strong preference from our customers for a rear-wheel-drive platform and they also want a vehicle that’s easy to drive – it needs to be a seamless transition from a passenger car to the motorhome,” Mrs Brittain said.

Iveco Sunliner

“Features such as the full automatic transmission, a wide range of safety equipment and technology including reversing camera, Bluetooth connectivity and so on, are familiar to buyers and this is the sort of equipment they expect in their motorhome. The Daily 35S provides all of these benefits.”

One area where the 35S does differ from 45C and 50C variants is in the engine department. The 35S sees the use of a smaller 2.3 litre, turbocharged and intercooled diesel engine producing 126 horsepower and 320 Nm from low rpm.

Iveco Sunliner

Combined with the more compact dimensions of the Pinto and Switch bodies, the 35S-based motorhomes strike a great balance between manoeuvrability, good levels of space for extended periods on the road, and maintaining excellent drivability.

Mrs Brittain said that Sunliner had enjoyed a long and successful relationship with IVECO.

“Sunliner has been in the motorhome industry for around 45 years and for a long time we’ve been using IVECO platforms right across our range, from entry level models such as the Pinto and Switch, through to the larger Navian which is available on both the Daily 50C and 70C cab chassis,” she said.

Iveco Sunliner

“IVECO is a strong brand in the motorhome market, our buyers are very familiar and comfortable with it and out in remote and regional areas, if there are any issues, there is a strong support network.

“As a company IVECO has been very good to deal with, Sunliner is given excellent service by the engineering, sales and marketing departments, the Daily cab chassis is also easy to manufacture on – there are no surprises.

“Our Pinto and Switch models on the Daily 35S are being received by prospective buyers.”