Narva L.E.D Daytime Running Lamps

Narva LED daytime running lights
All new L.E.D Daytime Running Lamps from Nava bring enhanced visibility and safety to motoring when fitted to cars, 4WD’s and commercial vehicles.

Displaying an exceptionally bright light output they are ideal for use over extended periods of driving thanks to the long life expectancy of L.E.D’s which today can well exceed the life of the vehicle.

Although not mandatory they are recognised for increasing daytime visibility and safety for oncoming traffic and have been included in the design rules as ADR 76/00. They boast 9-33V multi-voltage circuitry and utilise high powered 1 Watt L.E.D’s that offer exceptionally low current draw whilst their design provides a stylish modern appearance.

Increasingly popular in Europe, many new cars, coaches and trucks are now fitted with daytime running lamps as standard original equipment.

Both round and rectangular styles are available with adjustable mounting brackets and with the exception of the slimline model 71902 each lamp comes complete with an original equipment quality wiring loom.

Narva Daytime Running Lamps are available from leading automotive, 4WD and transport outlets.

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