Narva Ultima 225 Driving Lamps

Narva-225-Driving-Lamp-Pack-1Narva Enhances Award Winning Packaging To Further Advance On-Shelf Appeal For Their Amazing Ultima 225’s

Tasked with creating improvements in what was already award packaging for the Ultima 225 Driving Lamps, the Narva design team have met and exceeded the challenge with outstanding creativity and flare.

Starting with a clean sheet, their task was to produce the smallest possible shelf footprint for two large Ultima 225 driving lamps, clearly featuring them along with their extensive features. Virtually unbreakable polycarbonate lens protectors and the innovative ‘Plug and Play’ wiring harness contained in the pack needed to be featured with information answering a wide range of customer questions at the point of sale.

The result from the Australian Narva design team is a high impact blister / box design with attractive visual appeal for these world class driving lamps. Prospective buyers can clearly see the size and shape of the lamps for their intended use along with the stylistic features. Details on the clear protective covers and innovative wiring harness kit are clearly shown in graphics on the pack. There is also informative cross promotion details of the Halogen, Halogen Blue and H.I.D versions available to assist the buyer’s selection.

“The response from retailers has been exciting with increased sales already being recorded,” said Narva’s Marketing Manager, George Davies. “The attractive visual effect created by the new packaging plus the small shelf space required provides the ultimate retail showroom display,” he said.

In line with the company’s environmental policy the new packaging is recyclable.

Narva Ultima 225 Driving Lamps are now available in the exciting new visual packaging from leading automotive, transport and 4WD outlets throughout Australia.

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