OzRoamer COTY Details for 2022 Awards

2022 OzRoamer COTY Overall Details Revealed

OzRoamer’s annual Car of the Year (COTY) awards are widely regarded as the industry’s most comprehensive and independent review of the 4WD and AWD SUV’s in the Australian market. 

This is our tenth Anniversary Issue

Covid has caused almost all businesses to reevaluate how and why they do certain things and here at OzRoamer we are no different.

Given the supply issues that have plagued the industry over the last two years, we missed the 2020 issue and have now decided that this, our tenth Anniversary Issue, will be for the 2022 calendar year.

We are deep into the evaluation of nominees as you read this.

The COTY announcement will be on April 1 2022

Over the coming weeks we will reveal the various nominees in each segment before the final announcement.

Since we published our first 4WD and AWD SUV Buyers Guide in 2011 where we announced our inaugural COTY winners, the annual awards have grown and, we believe, become even more relevant for consumers.

By breaking down the categories into those that best represent consumers buying decisions and parameters, the buyer’s guide enables consumers to see what we believe the best vehicles are in each category.

How can a buyer use the awards if they compare a sub $40,000 SUV to an $80,000 4WD or Prestige Sport SUV that costs upwards of $150,000? Buyers want a 5 seat vehicle or a 7 seat vehicle, AWD or 4WD etc. We want to keep it relevant!

We look at all vehicles in the various categories, then come up with a short list of possible winners.  All the vehicles nominated in these awards are strong contenders and hold individual merit, however the winners highlight class-leading attributes and those that offer the coveted combination of outstanding design, functionality, performance and value for money.

With SUV’s accounting for over 50% of the new vehicle market, a thorough buyer’s guide and considered awards process to help consumers navigate the market has never been more pertinent. The categories also reflect the growth areas of the industry.

The smaller SUV style vehicle has seen explosive growth in sales and as a result, a plethora of vehicle choices from manufacturers. The other growth area is Utes that are continually moving upmarket. Some Prestige SUV manufacturers indicate that SUV sales account for up to 70% of their annual sales. Some have almost 70% sales on one vehicle alone.

The other interesting trend has been the growth in 2WD SUV style vehicles. It appears that a growing number of consumers are looking for the SUV attributes without the want, need or desire to venture any further than the local shopping centre or cafe. However as we are focused on Travel, Leisure and Lifestyle, the ability to engage the buyer in adventure is foremost in our minds. Hence we continue to focus on vehicles that offer either AWD or 4WD.

One trend of late is the growing number of Envirocar SUVs, with an increasing prevalence of hybrid, PHEV or electric SUVs, and even Hydrogen fuel cell vehicles available. However availability hasn’t translated into significant sales as yet, with a few exceptions.

OzRoamer 2022 Awards Promo Cover 1

There will definitely be some choices here that you won’t agree with, you will reckon we are nuts and that is the beauty of our choices. They are our opinions as to what we believe are the winners in each category.

In many categories, the differences between the winner and second place can be so minute that it may warrant joint winners, however we have decided to bite the bullet and have only one winner in each category.

I hope you enjoy this year’s COTY awards, as our main reason for producing it is for you. Our COTY Awards are more important than ever in helping you, the buyer, make educated buying decisions and find a car that fits your unique specifications. Thanks for your support.