Projecta INTELLI-RANGE 12V Power Management Boards

INTELLI-RANGE – Projecta to release its new INTELLI-RANGE 12V Power Management Boards.  Because there is an increasing array of accessories and equipment designed to make time off the grid easier and more convenient. This is placing added demands on power management systems. 

Projecta INTELLI-RANGE 12V Power Management Boards 1

Along with providing convenient and reliable power when away from mains, Projecta’s INTELLI-RANGE Power Management Boards are simple and efficient to install.

As a complete and fully engineered solution, owners can save hours of labour when installing a system themselves. Or hundreds of dollars if their auto electrician is doing the job.

A further advantage of offering complete Power Management Boards is that each system can be installed with the correct cables and fuses every time. Preventing potential issues like power outages or damaged batteries.

The new boards are also designed to suit a variety of applications – both recreational and trade. They are ideal for installation in vehicles including four-wheel drives and utilities, RVs, caravans and camper trailers.

The boards also provide the convenience and aesthetic appeal of locating all electrical accessories and components in one place. Such as USB ports, various 12V sockets, connector plugs, switches, DC to DC charger and inverter. Resulting in a neat and professional appearance.

Depending on the model selected, the new INTELL-RANGE boards can successfully power and manage a range of appliances from lower current drawing items such as fans, lights, phones and cameras through to more power-hungry equipment including fridges, microwaves, toasters, hair dryers, coffee machines and even induction cooktops and air conditioners in the case of the ICB3000 model.

Projecta INTELLI-RANGE 12V Power Management Boards 3

INTELLI-RANGE 12V Power Management Board models

Available in six models (ICBDC, ICB1000, ICB1500, ICB2000, ICB3000 and ICB2000-HD).

Common features across the range include:

  • multi chemistry compatibility covering Gel, AGM, Calcium and Lithium,
  • offering the versatile to use with all popular battery types;
  • this flexibility also provides futureproofing should owners want to change their battery at a later stage.

All variants are also solar panel compatible. Model dependent, system performance can be monitored via either an in-built display or with Bluetooth using any smart device.

Projecta INTELLI-RANGE 12V Power Management Boards 2

For added protection, all models aside from the entry level ICBDC are equipped with a low voltage disconnect function. Protecting expensive deep cycle batteries from over-discharge.

Another key benefit of the new range is heavy-duty engineering and construction that’s designed to withstand demanding local conditions and applications. The boards feature a sturdy and long-lasting heavy-duty steel mounting body that’s further enhanced by a powder-coated finish. The range is also equipped with circuit protection. Giving Projecta the confidence to offer a generous 5-year warranty across the line-up.

For full details and specifications covering Projecta’s new INTELL-RANGE 12V Power Management Boards, visit:

The boards are available for purchase from leading automotive, caravan, camping and specialist battery / generator outlets Australia-wide.