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Project Pajero Day Testing Transmision

Here at Project Pajero we spent a relaxing day at the farm testing the new transmission and air conditioner. We have done a bit of work so far with Mitsubishi Motors Australia being an enormous help. However there is still more to go before we head off on our first trip. […]

Project Pajero Transmission replacement

Project Pajero Part Two

Project Pajero is where we are revitalising a 10 year old 2002 NM 3.2L 5 Sp Auto Exceed Mitsubishi Pajero to its former state as a family outback touring vehicle, without the cost of buying a brand new 4WD. […]

Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed 3.2l DiD ext

Mitsubishi Pajero Exceed 3.2 DiD Review

Going back some ten or so years ago Mitsubishi revolutionised the 4WD market with a large 4WD that actually had road manners. Time has moved on and the latest model of the Pajero is now getting long in the tooth but still remains an exceptionally competent 4WD with good handling and dynamics and excellent value. […]

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Project Pajero – Revitalising an older Pajero Part 1

In an ideal world I’m sure everyone would love to go and buy a brand new 4WD and fit it out for a big trip. The reality however, is that not everyone’s finances will allow that. If your budget wont stretch that far or you’re looking for an exciting project , why not revitalise a second hand 4WD like we are with ‘Project Pajero’