Trakka Jabiru Remote 4×4 motorhome

Trakka Jabiru Remote 4x4 MotorhomeTrakka builds quality motorhomes and the Jabiru Remote 4×4 follows in that tradition. The Trakka Jabiru Remote 4×4 Motorhome is based on the 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van with a 3.0 litre CDI diesel engine, five speed automatic gearbox with high and low range and 4ETS selectable four wheel drive.

The new Trakka Jabiru Remote 4×4 motorhome sets a new benchmark for off-road travel with powerful 4×4 capabilities, the latest safety and handling features and state-of-the-art diesel technology.

Trakka’s new off-road Jabiru Remote 4×4 motorhome is ideal for the avid 4×4 adventurer looking for commanding performance and the convenience and comfort of a home on the road.

The motorhome is based on a 4×4 Mercedes Sprinter van with a 3.0 litre CDI diesel engine, five speed automatic gearbox with high and low range and 4ETS selectable four wheel drive. The Jabiru Remote 4×4 can be driven with a standard driver’s license, making the 4×4 experience more accessible to everyday drivers.

The innovative Trakka Jabiru Remote 4×4 is fitted with the latest safety features including weight sensitive anti-skid control, anti-lock brakes, traction control, emergency brake assist and brake force distribution for greater handling on a true off-road journey.

“With high traction, improved steering stability and better handling safety, the Jabiru Remote 4×4 motorhome can easily combat mountainous areas, snow covered roads and is effortless in everyday wet and slippery conditions,” says Martin Poate, General Manager, Trakka.

Coupled with powerful performance, the Jabiru Remote 4×4 motorhome also offers the latest technology internally with the use of diesel to power the hot water system, ducted heating and cook top, providing greater traveller independence and convenience.

“Diesel technology coupled with a 160W solar charging system for the two 100Ah house batteries and a 160L fresh water tank, means that a couple could be self sufficient for around a week in the Jabiru Remote 4×4,” says Mr Poate.

Trakka Jabiru Remote 4x4 Motorhome

“Traveller comfort is paramount with the Jabiru Remote 4×4 offering full standing room for easy movement throughout the motorhome, air-conditioning, radio/CD and a 48cm high definition digital TV/DVD.”

Innovative use of space is another Trakka trait, with the bathroom of the Jabiru Remote 4×4 fitted with a remote controlled slide out toilet* which slides in under the vanity when not in use to allow greater shower space.

The two front seats swivel to create a comfortable dining area and a king sized bed with privacy room divider at the rear of the motorhome makes a perfect evening retreat. Large storage compartments to store supplies for a long touring trip are also beneficial inclusions in the motorhome.

The Trakka Jabiru Remote 4×4 has a RRP of around $175,000+ and is available now for forward order

Trakka Jabiru Remote 4x4 Motorhome

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