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TomTom One GPS

The latest (4th) generation TomTom One is remarkably similar to the TomTom XL (2nd generation), the only real difference being price and screen size. This means that it looks good! Smooth flowing lines and minimilist […]

ATV, Quad, Side by Side & Motorbikes

Quad Bike King

Quad biking is a fantastic family day out. Recently the author, Steve and another family went quad biking in the Glenworth Valley with Quad Bike King. All up there were 4 adults and 7 kids. […]

Travel Tips & Topics

Kannad 406 XS3 GPS PLB

The New Kannad XS3 PLB is Kannad’s third generation of GPS PLB specifically designed for multi-environment use with safety at sea as the prime objective. KANNAD made the deliberate decision to develop a unique model […]

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Retirement Trends

 Over the last few decades we’ve seen many employees take a package, retire from work and disappear off into the sunset – fishing, golfing, travelling – fulfilling their dreams.